Put your hands up for Detroit...I love this city

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rawhide, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. US city of Detroit files for Bankruptcy:

    BBC News - Detroit becomes largest US city to file for bankruptcy

    What the hell is wrong in the US when a city can become bankrupt?

    You have to imagine there is something inherantly wrong with that place over the pond, the guns, the prisons, the death sentence, the politics, the crime, the fraud, the spying, the paranoia..

    I dont mean to be disprepctful oF our American frIends but that place scares me....
  2. its Detroit...the problems are fcking obvious.
    if it wasn't for the tourism/gambling New Orleans would be next.
    it is sad about Detroit but with the steel mainly gone...China etc...and the general population problems, unwillingness to work for minimum pay etc then its the way it is. Respect to the good guys who suffer. Wasn't Deer Hunter filmed there? The bar/wedding scenes not the bamboo cage and shooty head parts.
    Couldnt Iggy Pop bale them out btw? he's a Detroiter I thought.
  3. I was reading an article recently where the Detroit council(?) was actually abandoning suburbs that it couldn't afford to maintain. This includes rubbish,sewage and even police. The median house price is about $8000 USD. But yeah, I'm curious how a city can be bankrupt.
  4. its prob in the article but i recall the mayor was done for corruption. i think he may have been Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch show...hmmm...but not sure.
    its a shame.
  5. The place to be & invest in in the US is the Mid West. Oklahoma & NW Arkansas. Land is cheap right now but you cant turn a corner without seeing an Oil derrick . Its estimated within 10 yrs the US will be pumping more barrels than Saudi. They will also be on par with Russia as a major shale gas supplier.
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  6. I think of it a bit like the EU (United States of Europe).
    We have whole countries, Greece, Ireland, Spain etc. all nearly going tits up.
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  7. His Worship Kwame Kilpatrick, you mean.

    Kwame Kilpatrick - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    He was just carrying on a proud tradition of Detroit mayors, as at least two others mayors of that city have gone to prison.
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  8. Yeah...he did his bit but I don't entirely blame him....frankly this would've happened at least 10 years ago...


    Yeah, Detroit..where do I start? But I still love the place to bits though, something most outsiders (incl. the whitey folk living in the 'burbs) will never get it....

    Oh and BTW...half the states in the U.S. will be bankrupt if the funding from other half stops...
  9. I don't, I see the EU helping out those countries in financial strife, and never seen any cities go bankrupt. The US has states and cities in financial strife and is (or appears to be) letting them go down the drain with little to no help.

    Maybe the EU did get something right for a change.
  10. But Europe (the cunts) can all go their own ways, can they? I fucking would if I were Ireland, ciao Europe, fuck off for repayment.

    But imagine if Detroit told washington to foxtrot Oscar, this is the disturbance I am speaking about!
  11. Didn't a Washington DC mayor do time as well?
  12. We actually have full fledged farms (not the weed kind either) in the middle of the city...that should tell you everything...

    Urban farming invigorates Detroit neighborhood | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
    Detroit's Big Dig: Will Urban Farming Get Them Out of the Hole?
  13. By the same token what can Washington do about it? Repossess their rubbish trucks?