Put that light out!

Dad's Army. Good gentle comedy that could raise a belly laugh without a single swear word.
I bought my father the complete box set for Xmas and it doesn't matter how many times you watch it, you can always watch it again. No forced laughs, no sex, swearing or filth, agreed just pure gentle comedy. I can't look at a nun now without thinking of parachuting nuns in jackboots! Timeless, even for us younger ones.
Any of you youngsters that only know him from Dad's army tune into "Round the Horn" on radio 4extra. Your in for a treat. Pure filth.
The "Entendres" were so "Double" that the BBC censors at the time didn't understand them. Brilliant stuff! Kenneth Williams and Hugh Paddick as Jules and Sandy: "Thews like oaks and BULGING lallies."

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