Put Paul Muirhead On the Rememberance Memorial in Stratford



Lance Corporal Paul Muirhead died from wounds sustained during a Taleban attack on his base at Musa Quala in Helmand Province on Friday 1 September 2006.

Lance Corporal Muirhead volunteered to go to Afghanistan alongside his fellow Rangers, it was whilst defending his fellows Rangers that he was killed. After the attack he had been receiving specialist medical care, and his parents were with him when he died.

Ranger Anare Draiva died in the same incident.

Lt Col Michael McGovern paid tribute to him:

"Lance Corporal Muirhead was a calm, confident and determined member of the Patrols Platoon. A quiet exterior belied a character who was renowned for looking after the younger less experienced soldiers. He was widely respected across the Battalion.

"Lance Corporal Muirhead was an extremely experienced soldier who had served on Op Telic 1, the liberation of Iraq, in Northern Ireland and most recently a six month tour of Baghdad and Southern Iraq.

"The Battalion is deeply saddened at the loss of two soldiers in this incident, both killed as the result of enemy action. Our thoughts and prayers are of course with their families and friends at this terrible time."

SOURCE: Ministry of Defence.

I spoke to his father today and was deeply saddened that the Royal British Legion of which I am a member, will not allow Pauls "Rememberance Inscription" on the memorial in Stratford. They say this is because Paul was not born in Stratford Upon Avon. Fact is Paul moved to stratford when he was 9 years old. He attended Stratford High School, the same school my wife went too, and he worked in Stratford Upon Avon,before joining the Army.

His Friends were in Stratford as well as around the world.

Paul was and IS as much a part of Stratford Upon Avon as I am and I was born in the town.

So help us to get the Name Place he deserves on the Rememberance Memorial at Stratford Upon Avon.

Please add yourself to this group and I will print the membership list and hand it to Pauls Mother and Father to present to the Royal British Legion in 7 days from now So PLEASE PLEASE share this group out as soon as you can.



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Unless the RBL actually own the memorial in Stratford (which I feel is unlikely), this may well be a complete waste of everyones time.
Lance Corporal Paul Muirhead's name along with 16,000 other service personnel names who have died since World War II. will be or already is engraved on this new memorial in Staffordshire

Queen unveils new forces memorial


The memorial in Stafford on Avon is probably a WW1 & WW2 memorial and is maintained by the Stafford Borough Council.
Print his memorial inscritption out, and spray paint over the local RBL building.

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