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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kingcal91, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. so i am 5'9 and slightly under weigh, this is not because of any eating disorders illness etc etc. My Dad is skinny, My brother is skinny. i am not like a stick thin person, i am like in proportion and stuff but i need to put on weight to go in the forces and am sick of hearing about how to lose weight all the time. i would like to put on about 5-6 lbs really any body got any advice on how i should go about acheiving this.

    i am not planning on going in the forces until another 2 years when i have finished my A-levels so i have plenty time to worry about this sort of thing but i would still like to put on the weight
  2. Eat another meal a day, and have some porridge before bed.
  3. Guiness, steak, pies, pasties, cider :D

    But seriously, join a local gym (one that has personal trainers), explain what you want to achieve, get them to sort you out a program of CV and weight training and that should do the trick.
  4. how much is that likely to cost as i have a very small wage of NOTHING I am currently sitting my GCSEs
  5. Toast + Butter.

    Alot of Cheese (not stupid amount though)

    Eat alot of meat.

    Try to have 4 big meals a day and puh yourself to eat them.

    Do alot of weght training as muscle weighs more than fat. (Jut pressups regularly will do if yo're planning to go Basic. You will have alot coming your way)
  6. Buy some weights and do weight training, you will get strong and at the same time put on weight.
  7. I did bodybuilding before mate so i can give you some advice.

    The best thing to do is to up the amount of meals you eat every day. Make sure your eating slow release carbs such as brown pasta/rice etc, plenty of protein and a small amount of healthy fats.

    You will need to work out calorie intake and protein,carbs,fat intake with the help of some maths. If you eat say 4-5 meals a day of good foods at the right ratio of carbs/proteins/fats and also have a whey protein shake as a meal too, then your half way there.

    As for weight training programmes, there are so many to choose from, so the best idea would to be to go down your gym and sign up. Ask the instructor for a plan and stick to it. You should bulk up quite abit within 3-4 months. You will easily put on half a stone.
  8. Three proper meals a day, everyday. You will get there.
  9. I'll recommend you this forum for more advice on the maths i was talking about mate.


    They will haver everything there that you need.

    Good luck.
  10. thanks a million lads
  11. Cheese on toast + weights.

    Or if you're really hardy, raw eggs and milk. Tried and tested, but don't eat/drink anything acidic before it.... I learned that the hard way.
  12. Well i am skinny mate, but not as skinny as i was.
    3 months ago when i first went into the army office they took my weight and i was 58kg (im 6'1). After my interview on friday I asked if i could have my old weight reading and be weighed again, so i did. I now weigh 62kg which puts me on like 18.12 on the BMI chart which is acceptable to get into the army and just under the 'average weight' point which is 18.5.

    And the admin girl there told me 3 months ago i only had to put on a few pounds haha.

    I achieved this by going to the gym, having a good weight routine, and eating properly.

    You should gain quickly in the first month (well i did) but then you have to stick at it after that even if you don't see as much improvements after.

    I would recommend 5-6 smallish meals throughout the day and lots of protein! protein is the key here!

    It is hard sometimes to stick strictly to that but try your best, even I can't always stick to it.

    I go to the gym like 4 times a week ( not always 4 sometimes less due to being lazy :mad: ) and have just started taking mass gain because it is full of calories and protein, you can't put on weight without enough calories and you can't put on muscle without the right amount of protein.

    My meal plan:
    1. 4 weetabix
    2. mass gain (before gym)
    3. mass gain (after gym)
    4. fish and potatoes
    5. pasta
    6. beans and eggs.

    Like i said its not possible to always stick strictly to your meals/gym but try.

    And if you dnt have a lot of money forget mass gain or protein powders for now, just try and eat protein rich foods like fish, eggs, chicken, meat beans, pasta (even pasta has protein and definately good amount of carbs) etc etc. Potoes are good aswell for carbs.

    hope this helps, there is plenty more i could tell you but i dnt want to bore everyone haha.

    Good luck to you mate, eventhough i haven't put on that much weight i still feel proud of myself and can see the difference in my muscles :D and you will feel proud of yourself too. it is definately worth doing but for now i would say concentrate on your exams for now and then look more into it. like you said you have years to get prepared.
  13. cheers mate this has really helped, does anyone know what the acceptable BMI is because at the minute mine is like 17.9.

    Edited to add: i have just been fiddling on with a BMI calculator and if i was one INCH shorter i would be 18.4
  14. My BMI is 20.3 but my recruiter said I'm underweight. Don't know if he meant there is a minimum weight for the job and I am below it though.
  15. i beleive that 18.5 to 24.9 is the average weight spectrum