Put Foot Rally 2011

Evening Everyone,

Right, before I take incoming for being a red-arse sprog.... let's lay it out there. Was a rupert, retired as I was too sh*t to get up the slippery ladder of rank.... packed it in and ran away to Africa, now dodging HM Customs and Revenue. Half true story.

**Hopefully admins won't mind this shameless plug, but it is in support of a good cause and hopefully we can make a difference to the lives of a few lads in the process. Business face on!

Wondering what the hell to do with your R&R this summer?

Here's a suggestion:


7 Countries, 7 Checkpoints, 7 Parties, 7000km in 17 Days!

The Put Foot Rally will take place in a far away, magical land called Africa.... yip, the same place where the restless natives in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have had a go at toppling their muppet leaders.... only 2 to go!

Down South.... we're living it up, having a party! No problems, only the odd serial lunatic, besides old Bob.... he's harmless really.

Anyway, on this epic adventure you'll experience South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and Swaziland! It couldn't get any better!

Check out the Put Foot Rally. Put Foot Rally

Basically the Mongol Rally.... with 200% more fancy dress, party & beers, 300% more danger and 500% more chance of feeling really really alone when your car doesn't want to start again...

This is an epic African Adventure, in the heart of the African bush... parties galore... and where you will see and experience things that no African Safari Tour operator will EVER be able to offer you.

Lastly.... all goes well, we are hoping to fly out 4 lads who are recovering from injuries in Afghanistan. Our aim being to give them some time out and an opportunity to let their hair down in Africa. Working with the CGS's office, we'll give them a free jolly around Africa (at a cool 1000 quid a pop, its not pennies) and hopefully fellow ARRSE'ers will shout their approval. We trying to doing our part!

All the best!

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