I have almost finished the 12 week programme, but still feel that my push-ups are not where near where they should be.

On the last end of level assessment, 2 weeks ago I did 29 in a minute, doing 22 in about 30 seconds, but after that I just almost burn out.
Thinking about it I will have a minute to do 15, but my muscles just get knackered; that is to do the 44 required in 2 minutes.

I can do the required sit ups; 50 in about a minute and a half so Im not really worried about that. And I can do the 1.5 mile run in 9 minutes, with that set to fall easily on the next assessment.

I need to do the bleep test, as I havent done one since I was in middle school, about 10 years ago.

Does anyone have any tips for improving push-up rates? Ive extended the days I do press ups to include the Wednesday, and use weights, but dont really want to do it on any more days as my muscles wont have time to repair; Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (with sunday being the seemingly pointless 'brisk walk/run'.

So, any tips for improving my push-ups?
Are you using the Onehundredpushup.com site? I've heard many people have used it to success. Have a search through the Forum there is some excellent advice on press-Ups, my own advice would be to add weight, put a few kilos in a comfortable fitting day sack and then do sets of 10 reps, 9 reps, 8 reps down to 1, keep doing that day after day 3 or 4 times a day until it feels easier then either increase the weight and stay at the same Reps or take all the weight off and see how many reps you can do in a oner then come down by either 1's or 2's again and then go back to the weight but this time add more reps... it works but you have to have the discipline not to try too much too soon...
You are getting a lactic acid build up by trying to do them to fast. Try just doing 11 per 30 seconds, once comfortable with that over 2 mins, increase.
Do sets of 15 at max speed with a minutes break. Do five or so sets each day. Once this feels much easier, then move to 20. Intersperse it with longer sets of maximum every few days and that should get it for you pretty easily.
Or, just to be different, do a slow, slow, slow-as-you-can down press and then fast up. Do it again and then again etc.

When you are fed up of doing the downwards stroke incredibly slowly reverse it so it's fast down and then slow up. Form and technique is what we are looking for.

When you are fed up with that, do exercises for you deltoids and then your back. You can't just do pressups - there are so many other muscles involved.

Oh - eat your greens. And go swimming - front crawl (or freestyle as it is now known) - is great for the upper body. If you really want to work it, hold a float between your knees and use only your arms.


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BennyBagnuts said:
You are getting a lactic acid build up by trying to do them to fast. Try just doing 11 per 30 seconds, once comfortable with that over 2 mins, increase.
Agreed, take a similar approach and can get hit 80ish. Going for them with no thought of lactate collecting in the muscles, i end up being limited to around 60-70.

Though that's more relevant in a testing scenario rather than in press up progression.

Remember to breathe in on the down and out on the up helps the muscles in the ribs do a bit of work. Also slows lactate buildup.

For bleep test, touch the line with your toe and turn and push off on one foot, Don't do a big circle or go over the line (your running extra). Also keep it as close to as you ca to the beeps at the start. You might think its better to run at the start and have a cupole of seconds break- its not!. Jog very slowly at first and build up or else you'll burn out and, if its breifing it could mean 6 months before you go back, or if its main board you may well get to stay, but you'll feel like you haven't tried and it'll hang over you for the rest of the week. It's easier, by far, than 1.5 miler (which you're doing in 9 mins anyway- I wish I could be that quick).

Also technique on the sit-ups make sure your doing them totally correctly- don't move your thumbs from your clavicles (collar bones), hands flat on cheat, elbows touching torso and no bouncing (they are momumentally strict on form). Press-ups aswell-lock your arms, back straight, look straight ahead (helps keep back straight). One method is to bang out 10 press-ups,-rest- then bang out 9-rest- then 8- rest etc... then 5 and that's 45. But find your own method (if by some strange reason that means you do them in sets of say... 5 then so be it, just do it properly). To keep my press-up rate up and sit-up rate I try and do 100 every day (25 in morning, 25 before run, 25 after run, 25 in evening) just a thought.

I'm no means an expert on fitness, hints or tips, this is just what i found useful and maybe something you might want to try!

Good luck!


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