Push ups with clenched fists?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by here_be_mike, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick question, sorry to pull another one of these up. Ive noticed some boxers tend to do push ups with clenched fists rather than flat palmed, whats the benefit? I knocked out a couple and im guessing its working out the muscles in the hand and triceps more than usual, however it seemed an easier/more natural movement in the arms and shoulders.

    So does it work out different muscles at different levels? If so is it worth swapping between flat palmed and clenched fist position? Or does doing it with clenched fists work out the same muscles to the same level but adding on the hand?

    Also is there any difference between doing it with your finger tips tucked in with your hand in a figure 6 shape or tips out in a U shape?
  2. When i did Boxing i was told it was to harden/toughen knuckles
  3. i always did them on my fists but at glencorse i was told to do them with flat hands because that was the way it was done in the army. i'm not too sure what the difference is.
  4. Using clenched fist performing pushups strengthens your wrists. You don't want weak wrists boxing; especially if you (or someone else) hasn't put your wraps on properly!
  5. Thats true i remember some new lad putting his wraps on thinking he knoes how to do it as he has seen how he does in 'Rocky'(it was his first time boxing) Walsed up to the hardest bag and twated it as hard as he could and all you heard was this snap the pain he was in trying to get that glove off :lol:
  6. It'll strengthen the wrist and harden the knuckles. When i was doing them, i noticed a pain in my back muscles as well, it seems that fist-pressups put more stress on the back (or that might be my flawed technique)
  7. Its the usual technique for Taekwondo/ Karate - also with the arm in a natural right-angle with the fist positioned mid-body. Strengthens the clenching power of the fist and forearm, which reinforces them against injury.
  8. I've somehow busted my wrist from doing press-ups with flat hands almost a year ago. I can only really do them with fists now. If I do too many with flat hands, my wrist is in bad pain again. I have no idea what the hell I've done, but for something that's been hurting for nearly a year, I think it's totally screwed. No much I can do I guess.
  9. for maximum muscle results, do them with clenched fists with a mixture of glass and gravel beneath them.
  10. Hardens the knuckles and strengthens the wrists. Most martial arts school will have you doing them like this. It probably also helps de-sensitise the knuckles to reduce pain when you punch makiwaras, faces etc...

  11. Has no one ever heard the dirty rumours of recruits having been forced to do them on tarmac as a punishment?? I doubt thats true tbf
  12. Yeah i would have said wrists too. Its just a more natural angle for the wrist and the strain in your extensor muscles ( At the bottom of the arm) provides the support without moving.

    Recommended? YES
  13. I can think of much worse punishments which are legit and will have them crying in submission. :)
  14. Making them read your Agincourt books and listen to you war stories? :D :D
  15. im in phase 1 atm, and i would gladly swap a few knuckle push ups on concrete for some of the punishments you get dished out.

    also, push ups on the fist are mainly to strengthen the wrist. if your doing a lot of punching, you need to have a wrist strong enough to keep locked out, or you roll your hand as you make contact, which can cause pretty bad injury.

    its a crap way to condition the bones for punching, because its not an impact force. like kickboxers work there way up kicking harder and harder surfaces to desensitise their shins. only way to kill the pain of any part of the body is to subject it to whatever your aiming to do. to get good and punching hard things, you punch hard things.

    also, in my time its never been an issue for me. MMA gloves are hardly covered in padding, and usually my knuckles are the last thing im thinking about.