push ups , sit ups and pull ups

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kp_uk_08, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. hello everyone im in the process of joinng the army and my next step is selection ive been training but im not quite sure if this is good enough im doin:
    3x40 sit ups
    3x20 push ups
    3x7 pull ups
    im doin this mornin and night every other day
  2. I think you'll need to do more than the 1 training session before joining up :wink:
  3. yh im doin it every other day
  4. You'll need to learn English also mate, a small tip... 8)
  5. so is this good enough for selection ?
  6. Increase the amount of reps each time you do it, by 1 or 2 reps. You should be aiming to do 44 press ups and 50 sit ups, each in 2 mins. I dont think you will be assessed on pull ups.
  7. thanks m8
  8. You are assed on pull ups not sit ups and pressups at ADSC although in training I think you are tested on sit ups and press ups.
  9. Well thats me stuffed... haha being 6ft8 and built like a brick sh** house pressups and sit-ups not a major issue but i worked out id need to lift atleast another 20 - 30kgs to bring off some pull ups.
  10. Id do some running aswell mate
  11. mate i couldnt agree with you more, im finding press ups so hard at the moment, im not managing to do many at all feels just like my shoulders are gunna pop out!
    if anyone has any tips id be greatful, unless its just something youve got to keep working at!
  12. Try this: http://www.100pressups.com/

    - might seem a bit like a "too good to be true" fix, but it won't hurt to give it a go, and has worked for me.

    Don't forget - there's also the ArmyFit site which has a good programme!
  13. Do as many press ups as you can every evening before you go to bed, concentrate on quality as oppose to quantity. Your max amount will increase quite alot. Circuit training is a good way of getting fitter and better at press ups/ sit ups / pull ups. Go to a park or somewhere where u can do pull ups, i.e.( a goal post). And do 3 sets of something like : 20 press ups, 40 sit ups, 20 m shuttles, 2 pull ups, side to side sit ups. For the middle set add more reps to each exercise.
  14. Make sure press ups are done correctly... I went on an Pre-Selection Course yesterday and we had to do 50 press ups in 2 minutes, same with sit ups.

    I can normally do about 60 each session but a very small adjustment by the pti took my best effort down to 47! I could really feel the difference and ive got sore muscles in my shoulder i didnt even no i had!

    A few of the lads had it all wrong and couldnt manage 5 proper press ups.
  15. cheers guys all the advice is appreciated!

    the 100press ups routine does seem realy good but sadly iv only got 2 weeks to get my pressup count up as my aco wants a good level before he will put me in for my interviews and selection which is fair enough, i want to do as many as possible as i dont know what hes 'good level' is and plus i dont want to look stupid at selection when the time comes.

    so i think the routine's will be the way for me to go, first thing tomorrow once the weird and wonderful folk from the fayre have left the local park.