Push-Ups: How to Perform?

Greetings, I apologise if this is in the wrong section. I have attempted to use the search function but all I seem to find is questions of how many you can do.

I am interested in joining the Army. I believe you have to do, among other things, 44 push-ups. I have seen this image (Below) on the Army website (Below) of someone doing a push up, I find it physically impossible for my elbows to bend backwards like that, and it is very awkward.

Source: www.army.mod.uk/8551.aspx

I read someone's feedback of their situation, somewhere on this forum, when they had to do 44 push-ups. That the officer made a slight adjustment to the manner in which he performed the push-up and it changed dramatically. I would like to be able to perform push-ups knowing I am doing them correctly, so I can improve correctly.

Thank you very much.


As long as your chest hits the guys hand, or roughly 2 inches from the ground you're alright. my arms bend outwards like a lot.


If you are going for officer or para they tend to be much more strict about the style of pressup you do and some PTIs will be more strict than others. I think idealy you should have you should look like the chap in the pictures you posted a link to.

If you cant achieve this form at first because you are too weak in certain areas try doing them with your knees on the ground first or your hands slightly raised (onto a step for example), or not going all the way down to the ground. Once you can do a few like that, go a bit deeper, do a few more etc untill you are strong enough to do the perfect form... from then on its just a bit of hard work!

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