Push Up Question Again!


Hi Chaps,

Just a quick question. I believe I am right in saying that on the AOSB there is an approved rest positon for push ups. Is it resting on your chest, or up high with your elbows locked?

I've found I can complete the 44 required quicker and easier inside the 2 minutes if I do them in groups of 10, rather than blat out as many as I can in a row.

Any comments welcome, apart from blatant name calling!



(PS before I forget. Just been out for a run and can do the mile and a half in 10 minutes without too much drama, and can urine all over the sit up requirements, even after a 45 minute hard training session. A lot of that is thanks to advice I got on here. Thanks!)


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Not too sure about the rest position mate however now you can do them in easily in groups of ten increase this to groups of 12..

Dont be satisfied with just passing the test, go out to pass it with ease and energy to spare.

Good Effort so far, keep up the hard work.

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