push-up form

I started doing pushups with my elbows out at 90 degrees and I can crack out 50 no problem, however I've been told that I must keep my elbows tucked in. I can only squeeze out a measly 32. What's correct for ADSC?
Where did the Army style of press-up originate?

After all when doing PE at school you are taught that the hands are slightly more than shoulder-width apart and the elbows may point out. Then you leave school and join a rugby or football club and at the training nights the method is the same. Then you stop playing sport and while in the pub showing off you and your mates do press-ups in the same manner. Then when you are watching the end of Soccer AM the assorted guests do press-ups exactly as youve always seen and done them when they are doing the press-up challenge at the end of the show. And to push the point further when Brian Jacks was unbeatable at Superstars for years he used the same technique as you.

Then you join the Army and get told that only 9 of your 52 will count,you are weak and the word "cheat" is darkly hinted upon.

Its always puzzled me; the PTI press-up.
PFA pressup, hands shoulder width apart etc....
PTI pressup, indeed elbows are tucked in at side and brushing the hips, using your triceps...

ADSC... theyre going to be pier counted, hands shoulder width apart etc.... no arse in the air, no half measures

simples :)

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