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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by donmac, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. I'm like a moth to the flame.

    Bad move for you kidda!!!!!
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  2. We've never met but having seen you in that vid I'm looking forward to rectifying that situation. BTW, nice suntan!
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  3. You'll be sorry. Just saying that's all.
  4. Can't see how I could possibly regret making the acquaintance of a young lady.
  5. There is pissing yourself and pissing yourself laughing.

    A very fine line.
  6. Aw. Don't go and spoil my fantasy :)
  7. So let's get this straight,your fantasy is to see Sluggy pissing................................................erm,ok then.I believe therapy is available.
  8. I have no need of fantasies of such an extreme nature. In any case I never kiss and tell. ;-)