Push Irons

Talking a few moments ago to another cold war warrior, we discussed the merits of the back wheel brake method of the 'Team murray'

This was dismissed as balls and before we knew it we were rattling names like, Grifter, Amaco, Diamond back and bunnyhopping down memory lane with our front brakes removed and stunt pegs on our wheel nuts.

I was a silver grifter lad before developing a passion for bipedular ballet and moving on the an Amaco.... this was nicked whilst on my paper round by a big boy..... Imagine how much I fancied my dad when he said it was insured and a courier brought a Mongoose to the door a couple of weeks later.

How far could you wheely? Could your do an 'Endo' a 'Bunny hop side on' What kind of goose neck did you have? Did you have one of those seat posts with a bend in it, so that even as a big boy you could ride a small push bike.

Cait needn't answer, she's already confessed to having a fold up 'hand me down' three wheeler from her brother.... and never quite got the hang of a bike without stabalizers. :D
I bet you still ride one now, and you make all the little kids cry when you ride shakily into the playground with your arrse cheeks hanging port and starboard of the heavily overstressed saddle, and break their lovingly prepared plywood and brick jump ramp at the first attempt.... :D
My first "proper" bike was a raleigh commando ... i was chuffed to f uck with it until the Grifter arrived and i realised what a piece of backwards looking tat it was ...

My first Grifter was the light blue one and after a few "mods" (top trumps in back spokes and lightening of parts to try and get it under 3 metric tonnes) it was off "up the green" to jump over rows of my prostrate mates a la Eddie kidd...

A mate of mine Garry had a chopper ... these were not built for multiple child jumping as he found to his cost when on a particularly rough landing his handlebars folded and ripped his top lip off leaving him looking like "Timmy" from south park.

My next beast was a Frankenstein Hybrid of my own making and these particular bikes filled the short gap between Grifters and "proper" BMX bikes ...

It had a racing frame and front wheel, but a grifter back wheel and seat and the biggest fack off cow horn handlebars in the world it was a complete b1tch magnet, and i lost count of the young ladies i treated to a "croggie" home .... it was built for wheelies and i could happily "pop" one whenever the feeling took me ... even in fourth gear. :D

"Bike jealousy" was rife in the late 70's and early 80's , with childrens versions of the most popular bikes being "the budgie" (chopper) and "the striker" (Grifter) but owning one of these (as my younger bro found out to his cost) was tantamount to writing "still p1sses the bed" on your head and having to be in at 7 for a bath and early night with milky drink....especially if you still had the stabilisers on it.

The summer streets of Hertfordshire would ring to the sound of machine guns as swarms of small boys recreated the battle of Britain on bikes, with Jerries swooping out of the sun, Raleigh Choppers made a particularly good ME110 as you could go "two's up" with a rear gunner, but being ponderous and slow with only 3 gears and all the extra weight (my mate Danny was a right fat c unt) they'd always be the first "shot down" (pushed in a hedge)

Kids these days with there eleventy squillion gears and carbon fibre wotsits dont know they're born ... Give me the solid steel scaffold pole strength of a "proper" bike any day ... :D
Grifters had to be completely stripped down to be remotley cool.

The stand had to be ripped off, the handles bars had to be swapped and a 'four nut' goose neck added. The traditional bent forks had to be replaced and anyone who had a paper round or a means of serious money treated themselves to a set of skyway, alloy wheels.

Mudgaurds had a ceremonial burning....... Nobody with any street cred had Mudgards on thier grifter.

The think I recall mainly about my grifter was its saddle, it was like a three piece suite.... but once a bit of the foam got ripped you couldn't leave it alone, and bofore you knew it the saddle had gone and you were left with a razor shart piece of steel that chaffed yoru inner thighs and cracked yoru arse bone when you did a wheelyhop :D
Oh those old days............I remember when my mate Chris Paul won a Raleigh Super Burner at the school Xmas fayre, and how we all had the stories of how those skyway mag wheels could be fixed in the fridge!!! The mad thing was my Dad used to run a bike shop, so I got a "New" bike every year , this meant that he had loads of bits from others, got it sprayed put fancy stickers on so it would look smart as when i went out with my mates, I had one of the first pedal back brakes on a BMX bike, it was off a GMX (made by Giant at the time) and it was the epitomy of cool as i could with ease pull the longest skids lol.
Mind you the best bike I ever had and this was brand spanker was a Raleigh Bomber! A mountain bike with only 3 gears! I used to be able to pi55 the paper round quick time and be home for brekky, also those massive balloon tyres made you feel like nothing was impossible cos you were actually riding on a cushion of air, kerb paaaah ! Mind you it was probably heavier than my car now ! lol
I got a bike a few months ago. Nowt fancy, a bog standard Halfords job. £250.


alloy everything. Ventilated disc brakes. Shocks. 15 gears, with pre-select. LED lights.

The '70s seem a long, long time ago....
Flash has only branded this a bollocks thread because he was too poor and too disabled to have a bike.

The welfare got him one of these

Sadly he had nowhere to go (no pals) so his dad pawned it and bought white lighting and special 'hi calcium' milk to help the undernourished slow developing, buck toothed Flash grow a little.
There's a whole lot of left wing bottom touchery going on here. The commando was the ultimate. It had the rear situated seat so had the pose of a chopper and uber wheelying ability, combined with the durability and cornering prowess of the grifter.
Any other bike was just show and denoted you as a convicted toilet traitor.
In my humble opinion of course.

I had one of these. Mine was a rather funky 1970s metalic purple (Very Glam rock.) My father also attached a car battery behind the seat so that the bike could be fitted with CB radio. I rather disturbingly 'eyeballed my first trucker' at the age of nine.

I remember quite clearly the spectacular crash I had when the stabilisers were first removed.
My dad would never buy me a racing bike. On his death I inherited the grand sum of £200 put some dosh towards it and bought myself a Dawes bespoke tourer/racer just to spite the old git :D
Jesus fellas, WTF are you all going on about. Did I accidentally surf into skateboardinghippywankers.com ? If you want to talk about 2 wheel transport, talk about motorbikes !
chokinthechicken said:
Lairdx, Is that a cissy bar on the back.??????.
nae laddie. That is what we young Scots used to display severed trophies from our enemies. Cheeky fuckwit.
As a kid in the 80's I missed all those, er, hmmm, great bikes. Mine was a Falcon BMX. It was the dogs dangly bits, chunky tires, plastic saddle, Foam padding on the b0llock bar. Great stuff.

Still can't get ride of the bug, but now I'm older and wiser I'm into mountain biking on a custom Merlin Malt2. It's crying out for some Fox Forks :lol:
I can't bring my self to get a Carbon fibre seat post, the thought of it snapping and impaling my backside just makes me wince! 8O
LordVonHarley said:
I can't bring my self to get a Carbon fibre seat post, the thought of it snapping and impaling my backside... 8O
Not even a little curious? :wink:
:D . I was given a hand-me-down Chopper mid 70's. Two weeks later the local head-der-ball punched me off it and it was last seen been ridden into the park railings. Oh how I cried when the handle bars bent and seat came off! But I cried even more when my Pa battered me for losing the bike in the first place!

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