Purple Star - 10 Years On

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by REG002, May 21, 2006.

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  1. Just thinking the other day, it's ten years since the big night jump on Ex Purple Star at Fort Bragg in '96. Bit of a nighmare jump really, had a GMPG SF Tripod, my container weighed a tonne! Anybody else out there on it?

    Cpl Gunner Retired!
  2. Yes mate I was there attached to I Para. Fond memories of Cherry Point and the honey sucker.

    I will raise your SF tripod with a 320 complete and LP7s + spyglass......
  3. Whats this I heard about 1Para, scab lifters and a soggy biscuit competition??
  4. Ahh, yes! Exercise Purple Pants!
    Was there with CLR. My truck broke. Got eaten by the biggest bugs ever. Went on too CAX96 at 29 Palms afterwards. Nice! MMFA! More bugs. Royal are a bunch of double standard feckwits.

  5. Yes it was pretty pants alright. A few days in Washington DC and a trip to Myrtle Beach on the piss made up for it.

    Cpl Gunner Retired!
  6. Managed to land on a big piece of shrapnel just off the DZ, tearing a gash in my leg. Quizzed yank safety officer about application form for a purple heart.
    He said "We don't give medals away for nothing buddy".
  7. I was woken from my deserved slumbers by a squad of Septic Airborne of some flavour, running past and singing whilst carrying a pennant.

    I thought they only did that in films :)
  8. I hope you laughed in his face and said 'OFR!'
  9. There was numerous off landings especially the blokes on the plane that did a sharp banking manouvre whilst disgorging troops, apparentley the pilot trapped a nerve in his neck.....

    2 of the blokes where reunited a day later after solving a command task of being suspended by T10s 20ft up a tree.
  10. One of our guys knocked himself out on landing. When he came round someone had been through his kit and nicked his CWS, I suppose it was dark!

    Cpl Gunner Retired!
  11. And I'll raise your 320, LP7's and spyglass with 400 Marlboro Lights, 100g of Golden Virginia, a dog eared copy of Escort Reader's Wives Christmas Special 1995 and a stolen pair of Rayban Aviators.
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  12. Exercise Purple Star, Ft. Bragg, NC........I was there! I am an ex 1 Royal Anglian who was attached to the Gurkha regiment! 1996 was an eventful year, I did Purple Star, & then I went to NI in November!
  13. With resuscitation skills like that, were you a Medic?
  14. Yep, lots of waiting on an airfield in North Carolina before the night jump where a 9 Sqn guy whistled in.
  15. Was on the Cumberland on puckered star. One night was having a tab on the stbd waist and saw what appeared to be a firework display just on the horizon. Turned out to be 2 seaknights (I think) flying on nvg's that stuffed into each other. 19 died I think.