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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by bigjarofwasps, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. Hi, Can anyone answer this question for me?

    1. Are Purple Hearts issued named these days?
    2. If you are killed in an operational zero, do you qualify for a PH, or is it only for the wounded?

  2. Can't answer your question, but I wish to pose another.

    Why do the British not have the equivalent of the Purple Heart? In todays operational environment with the amount of casualties flowwing back from various theatres wouldn't it be appropriate for the British to institute such an award? As I understand it, we once did. During WW1 "wound stripes" were worn on the lower left sleeve of ones tunic. When did this practice end?

    No doubt people will wheel out the old cry that the British pride themselves on their reserved attitude towards medals, ie not handing them out as freely as other Western Nations, but is this a relevant argument? I personally have been awarded 2 medals that I am not entitled to wear. Anyone else in the same boat?
  3. I think that the party line is that if our government dished out medals like the septics then it would devalue the medals that we actually get, personnally Id quite like our government to actually issue the medals that they are trying to not devalue in the first place!!

    A medal for someone who is wounded in action, a good idea but what would the critieria be? a soldier with a small fragmentation wound to the little finger while hes on his pit in SLB during a mortar attack gets the same gong as a soldier who recieves multiple gunshot wounds during a firefight with insurgents?
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The Germans had a system of wound badges in WW2 which came in black, silver and gold. You got the black wound badge for your first wound, the silver for your fourth and the gold for the seventh or eighth (IIRC); but if your wounds were particularly severe, ou could get bumped up a class or two. Thus if you were completely blinded, lost two limbs, had your knackers shot off etc etc, you might get immediately awarded the gold class for your first wounding. Interestingly, the German wound badges were awarded by commanders of field hospitals.
  5. Wound stripes were also awarded in WW2. I remember Mad Mitch of A&SH fame lamenting that he hadn't gone and got his teensy weensy splinter wound dressed at the RAP in April 1945, as he did not then qualify for this badge of honour. I think a wound/casualty recognition symbol or medal would be a good thing.

    Also whatever happened to stop those brilliant bronze plaques being issued? The ones that were issued to the families of fatal casualties from the Great War I mean of course...they didn't issue them during WW2 but I think that that kind of national recognition could help the bereaved families of our comrades who have been killed by Bliar..erm..our country's enemy..erm..well make your own minds up then! Seriously, there ought to be an issue of this sort for the next of kin of fatal casualties.
  6. Mrs oneshot and I were watching war film where a purple heart was talked about (points for naming the film). Mrs oneshot asked what they were awarded for so i told her about the whole Wounded in action thing and that a lot of forces give recognition for being WIA etc.

    She said-"well surely if they got wounded then they were in the wrong place, or fcuked up doing something then they shout get a srip ripped off them and not honoured like that" (granted this was just after seeing some kid standing up in an ambush in a gung ho sort of way and funnily enough taking on the appearance of a seive), but it was interesting to try and explain why it should be issued over somebody who goes through it all without a scrape!

  7. I don't understand either question.

    If the first is asking if the recipient's name is engraved on the medal, no.
    If the second is asking if there is a posthumous award of the medal, then yes. Any wound, fatal or survived, will qualify.


  8. When was the last time, if EVER, that SLB has been mortared? They`ve had a few IED attacks, one on the front gate, to my knowledge. But anyway, I`m not sure when you served in Iraq, but the AOR, has certianly changed a great deal. Two British, Two American and One Danish soldier, has been killed in action within a 15 minute drive of SLB, so its not as cushy down there as it was. Even onld Al Amara, has been cast into the shadows, by recent events in and around the Basrah/SLB area. The APOD, cops a bit too. Anyway, the criteria would have to state, injured requiring treatment, by a doctor or something. But you could argue that a vast amount of service personel, get a campaign medal for doing more or less than the guy next to them, thats just the fortunes of war, isn`t it!!!!
  9. As opposed to a full medal, how about the idea of something on the ribbon, like a MiD or similar?

    Just a thought.
  10. Didn't the British Army have wound stripes in WW1?

    Why not have something like that?

    But if the MoD can't get people campaign medals then do you think they could manage a ‘Wound Stripe’
  11. Cheers guys, I think that answers my question!!! I`ve seen a couple of purple hearts that were named, so I assume that these were named privately by the serviceman or his next of kin?
  12. On Telic 4 between the months of July and September 2004 SLB was 'mortared' on 4 occasions, each time consisting of between 3 and 6 RPGs/mortar rounds/107mm chinese rockets.

    Due to the size of SLB most landed on unused ground, however 1 x mortar landed and detonated 120 metres from the entrance to the field hospitals A&E dept and an unexploded round landed within the tented camp that housed the booties.

    I hope that answers your 'trying to be a smart arrse' question.
  13. Foxy, so let me get this clear in my mind?

    So in 3 years one mortar bomb has landed, in the general direction of the hospital?

    All the hospital wallers, who never leave SLB, poohed their parts, and then wrote wary letters home to their Mum`s!!!!

    This isn`t really answering bigjarofwasps question though is it? Well is it!!!!!!
  14. How about this for an outrageous idea.

    No medals or ribbons or stripes or other boyscout type items. Just give the poor guy decent medical treatiment (for life if required) and some cash.

    Wounded and still serving get either a one off or monthly additional pay, invalided out get enough dosh to enable a decent standard of living, not the paltry sums grudgingly doled out at the present.

    Keep your tin and bits of ribbon and give me the money any day.
  15. your mind obviously isnt as clear as youd like to think Tony, read the thread and youll see:
    At no time did I mention medics getting mortared or in fact injured, I was answering your question of whether or not SLB had been attacked and used the fact that a mortar round had landed close to the field hospital as an example, I also mentioned that one landed in the booties camp but you chose to neglect this fact and not mention 'those bootie wallers who never leave SLB' (at least the medics went out on Blue Light Matrix, see the thread on the 9 medics being awarded Bronze Stars).

    Which of course was in answer to your question, my original post before you tried to 'big up' your tour in Iraq with the bath and laundry platoon was in fact in answer to bigjarofwasps comment about Purple Heart type awards for Brits, in which I asked:
    so yes, my comment and question was very much in line with BJOWs post
    Hyperthetical question, would they get the same gong?
    It was you who in an obvious attempt to be as much of a knob as the person whos name you have 'borrowed' who has wandered off thread.
    Hope this helps, moral of the story is read the thread.