Purple Branch

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by rob7713, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. I am trying to find any information on the ‘Purple Branch’ and the benefits of it. If any one has any information on this subject please let me known.

    Thank you
  2. 'Purple Branch'? What's that then?
  3. Purple Branch.

    That's the new name for SF RMP/Snowdrop/RN Regulators dontcha know. Like Special Branch but not quite as speshul.
  4. Last I heard that was being fought off. It would make sense to have it though. It would also make the job easier if the RAF were to get shot of their 'dead wood'. The Crushers will be good. Top bunch of blokes that they are. Some of the RAF(P) are too insecure and tied up with what their rank equates to. Simple really Flight....you're a Staffy. Matelots just get the job done. Absolutely top blokes on the lash as well!

    If it does happen, just watch the RAF fight to take command of roles which carry prestige but don't involve casefiles.

    Interesting times ahead if this is to happen.
  5. I hope it gets fought off, as the level of work is massively different. A busy Provo Comapny in Germany on pay weekend compared to (closest comparison?) RAF Honington.

    There is no common ethos; as the complete political Gangf**k of South Park has shown. Do we drag the RAFP up to our standards, or do we accept mediocraty and disparity in our ranks? Fitness levels, experience, pay, operational role (both Cold War and contemporary), rank (usual arguement as RAF are SACs for about 15 yrs), additional roles (RMP - DSU, COT etc. RAFP - CI, dogs (as the RMP had) gate duty) all point to trades that are different. RMP consider themselves a Policing asset, RAFP consider themselves a Counter-Intelligence and Force Protection asset.

    Although I have only met regulators in a social setting, they seem to have more in common with us than the RAF.

    3 different forces - 3 different attitudes.
  6. Purple Branch sounds like something out of one of those poor quality horse porn vids that none of us were watching in the Balkans a few years back....honest officer.
  7. Excellent idea; as long as it's run by the Army.

    For info the regulators have just renamed as the RN Police with badges to match :)
  8. Let’s just look at that from the RAFs point of view. Remember they tried to pinch all RN flying as part of a justification of savings on the Defence budget?

    Using the same logic imagine an RAF Flt Lt being asked to comment:

    Not really, the RAFP used to cover the whole of the 1(Br) Corps area with a single P&SS shift of three men, one patrol and a desk NCO. Easy really, MilPol are not there to police just to react when CivPol ask for assistance. RMP have lots of people on duty when nothing is happening and not enough when it is, perhaps they could learn from the RAF?

    Equally the RAFP could suggest that they are in fact more accopmlished at the role with more members of staff focussed on Police Roles as all their support is provided by Station departments leaving RAFP to become expert at Police Work.

    Could be argued either way lots of fatties in other police Branches. As for the operational role, the tasks within the COB, Bastion and Kandahar could be seen as more RAFP than RMP as they are behind the wire behind the RAF Regt or the TA. Recent articles suggest that both the MOD Police and the RAFP are operating in the field and in FOBs.


    That could be the clincher, plenty of people getting enhanced rank and pay in RMP when they are carrying out roles similar to other soldiers on lower band.

    Doesn’t take a degree though, just training. CI would need to go to Int Corps or Int Corps Sec Sects absorbed into Service Police.

    Do they? Honestly? On both counts.

    Different beasts altogether, never had the urge to issue bedding myself

    Fragmented and expensive time for change perhaps?
  9. I agree Western, there is definitely a case of looking at a change. We (RMP) always think that we should lead this change and most think so without having even worked with RAFP. I would tend to agree with this view.

    I have worked with RAFP first hand on two tours now and can quite honestly say that if their officers were to lead any form of Purple Policing then we can all wave goodbye to a credible service police. They are not policemen nor do they have any interest in policing. Okay, there must be exceptions to this but the general RAFP officer knows nothing of policing nor does he want to.

    I know you will say this is the same for RMP but trust me, times have changed greatly over the past 5 or so years and RMP officers are working hard toward credibility as police commanders. They engage policework from the rank of 2LT right through to Col nowadays. Not perfect yet, far from it but they are working toward it.

    As far as NCOs/WOs are concerned, RAFP are a mixture as much as RMP are, we both have good, keen NCOs and we both have lazy fat ones. Some of the RAFP I have worked with, both GPD and SIB have far outshone their RMP colleagues.

    Enhanced rank/pay in RMP, doing same job as soldiers of a lower pay band??? Not really, as externally verified by JESJET relatively recently when RMP pay rose for most ranks.

    Policing ethos? Since when were RMP reactionary only? Maybe during the cold war in Germany but since then they have taken on the role of the primary policeforce for BFG quite seriously (manpower willing) and over the past few years have developed this in order to patrol in support of and supported by NIM. Okay, it is not perfect yet but it is definitely not reactionary policing - far from it.
  10. I think the original post suggested that the topic was to do with the Branch, so none of that will be in contention until and if it filters through the Service police. I was suggesting that the RAF will more than likely be happy to go along with it but in order to hide their failings, they'll be happy with taking over the limited other roles, such as CSI and Computer Forensics (bit like when they attempted to justify why they should run Naval Aviation). Just look at the tantrums they threw in the build up the Service Police College? They wanted it on their terms. Like they were something to be reckoneed with? And then there was the matter of the last minute bid to have the College at Honnngton. Desperation is not an emotion which they are unfamiliar with. They find it hard working in Dets. The Lisburn tape store will bear witness to that. Most RMP who I have spoken to in Cyprus (that's most RMP whom I have spoken to who have served in Cyprus, not the entire RMP, before anyone kicks off), say that the RAF (P) were hard work and nothing short of belligerent. Their management is out of it depth when it comes to Branch. The Navy however are an absolute pleasure to work with. They recognise that it's a team effort and weigh in with the lads. The RAF want to play on their terms and will fight that right up to the bitter end. If it does reach the purple level, then I hope PM (A) sets out his store and sticks with it. The Army will have to give up something though. I hope that its CCRIO.
  11. You are reading a little too much into my spoof RAF commentary however:

    There are a lot of people in RMP who benefit from higher pay bands earned by those carrying out Police Duties who languish in stores, training wings, MTs etc who in the RAF would not because the RAFP do not carry the same admin burden/

    I bow to your superior exposure to RAFP Officers and do not dispute your opinion but face it the 'expertise' of RMP Officers is post 2004 so maybe is now reaching junior Captain level. Both you and I know plenty of fcwits above that.

    Fatness is not a measure of a Military Policeman I have met fit w4nkers and fat experts.

    The reactionary role is how the RAFP used to perform and I suggest that RMP waste manpower with the pseudo proactive policing role.
  12. And they'll be so few in number that you'll be able to name them.
  13. In UK this may be justified with Civvie bill providing most of the Garrison Area's cover, however having worked in UK and BFG, the local CivPol are more than happy for us to arrive at an incident and for them to hand over an offending squaddie, as A) It's written off for them, and B) it's an extra patrol (Essex for example used to encourage it) on their net (obviously with a bit of ettiquette on our behalf when answering up). And Germany, where we are (regardless of opinion of the rest of the army) a credible police force; who deal with a fair amount of bother on a busy weekend. Now that we are becoming more and more NIM driven as Daytona alludes to we are pulling into line with OB in terms of weekend crime and level of competence.

    RAFP just do a different job, they very rarely patrol their local area off camp; and on camp they deal with all manner of things that RMP would just not deal with (gate guard, supervising (and I kid you not) dog sh1t levels on camp, Counter Intelligence).

    They are hard work, and although all 3 services have their pains in the arrse, the majority of RAFP just are (and for some reason have a massive chip on their shoulder when it comes to rank).
  14. Don't disagree with you but the Old Bill in UK use RMP because it suits their purpose. As for Germany it's still p1ssed squaddies on a Friday night rather than full on policing and manpower should be flexed to support that.

    In either scenario Sevice Police are a luxury for the local Police not a necessity.
  15. Him