Purple Aki released

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jimmys_best_mate, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. Might bring back memories for those of us brought up in Merseyside in the 1990s:

    Liverpool Echo
  2. Thats what I need to do to legally not have to visit Merseyside...

    Anyone got a tape measure?
  3. Used to go to the Ymca gym in "Sintellins" and he use to be outside all the time like a bad smell. I know he got filled in on a couple of occasions, once right outside the police station. When plod came out and saw who was getting a kicking, they lost all ability to see or hear and wandered back inside. That time he tried it on with one of the Japslapping fraternity. LMAO.
  4. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I think you'll find that the name might even ring bells with those who grew up in the 80s...
  5. The bastard tried it on with my lad when he was a 16yr old playing for Widnes RLFC Academy.....and a few of the others.

    Had to have a little talk in his shell like,did'nt bother him after that....but still having a go at the others until he got nicked.

    He's done the rounds of all the local rugby teams.
  6. I always thought he was an urban legend until recently!
  7. Oh the Barsteward is all too real, Only tried it on with me once, but as I was coming out from archery practise the threat to turn him into a kebab did the trick...........15 at the time got round corner and ran like fcuk

    They should print an up to date photo of the Fatherless, so the latest generation know who to look out for.
  8. haha i always thought he was an urban myth until a few years ago when he got banged up!

  9. "Carlsberg don't make sex offenders, but if we did, they'd probably be the 'best' in the world."
  10. Remember stories about him when i was a kid,first time i've heard of him for age's though ! When i was in senior school it was alway's stuff like "don't go here don't go there coz Purple Aki will get yer".....
  11. The Purple One was a regular moocher around Picton Sports Centre in Liverpool until a concerned father decided to engage him in dialogue. He was beaten half to death with a baseball bat and even though the local plod knew the identity of his assailant, they didn't bother following it up.

    The mere mention of that freak's name was enough to empty St Johns market of kids between the age of 10 and 18 in about 3 seconds flat. Unfortunately, the only righteous thing to do with him is do him with a neck shot and bury him in a shallow grave on New Brighton Beach
  12. The Bastard chased me from a train in Moorefields station in Liverpool city centre, and I remember running up 3 flights of ecalators and down to the Pier Head, believe me guys it was the fastest I've ever run, Linford Christie eat your heart out, you wasn't the fastest runner in the world then believe me. lol

    This is one guy that should be caged up with someone like Ian Huntley. FOR GOOD.
  13. Thanks for that Basha, that'll go on file in the office and will keep an eye out for him on cctv. Looks just the same as I remember. Is that pic receent or is that the one from his trial.
  14. Think it was taken a while back (around the time of his trial I think). Apparently the Echo might release a picture of him tomorrow (legal issues), so we could have a good old fashioned nonce burning soon.