Purple Aki is back...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by maguire, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    he's back...can he feel your biceps?
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  2. You bloody internet stealer!!!!!
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  3. Being an Everton fan even I laughed the other season when the Liverpool fans sang to Victor Anichiebe....''You're just a fat Purple Aki''.
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  4. He's a fucking legend, nowt wrong with taking an interest in the physical development of his friends.
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  5. He's has his own fan club as well.


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  6. No wonder you like to touch small children.

    Bosnia, Iraq, Tidworth - I could cope with that. Not Purple Aki though. The Yorkshire Ripper had nowt on him.
  7. Pete is innocent, and anyway you have nothing to fear even sex murderers have standards, a Skelewhore simply isn't worth the effort.
  8. His Royal Purpleness makes angry Sted Heads piss themselves with fear, a true God amongst nonces.
  9. You're that fat, you'd probably tempt me with a Twiglet and make me suck all the Marmite off it.

    I'd then wake up after the "cloth" on my face incident, with a very sore bottom, and blood on my hands where I made you a very lovely tattoo on your left nip nip of "I love Dale", with my Swiss Army Knife and a bit of Wham playing in the background.
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  10. Fuck me you're tedious.

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  11. Anything else dropped out of your Teflon coated womb lately?
  12. Fuck me you're tedious, too.

    You're so fucking thick you didn't get the allusion to big girl's blouse, ya big girl's blouse.

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  13. You have mayonnaise for brains and a trap door on your cunt.
  14. Obvious Sock Puppet is obvious.
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  15. How the fuck do you spot them so quickly?

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