Purification straws by Webtex


Contains Web-tex Surviva-pure purification system inside. Filter contains pre-filters & built-in EPA purification medias that will outlast the life of the filter. Filter contains post-purification scrubbing system.
Includes carry case
Straw length: 18.8cm
Colour: Green

My question... will it purify and make safe to drink, your own urine? :)
Being webtex I imagine it is crap at purifying anything but it can probably turn drinking water into something approaching piss.


Book Reviewer
the webtex survivor pure straw and bottle are rebadged american kit and very good, they also do an inline version for camelbaks.

its a iodised charcoal resin which does the hard work for you. the bottle is a standard GI type with a sports top so when the filter is finally gash you can break the resin off and just use it as a squashable bottle. being sqeezy means you can use it to fill your other kit.

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