Pure Grit by Paddy Doyle

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Gundulph, May 5, 2009.

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  1. "Pure Grit" is looking like being published around July, for anyone who doesn't know about Paddy Doyle you can see his achievements here:

    Paddy Doyle

  2. Is Paddy ex-UKSF(R)?
  3. Not sure werewolf... I thought he was Ex Para Regt? anyone here on ARRSE know him when he was in? he must have been an animal on the log runs/stretcher races/tabs etc.! 8O that press ups on the back of the hands looks like it would hurt!
  4. I believe that he's ex-RAF Regiment reserve.
  5. I know a few who do, believe he was 2 Para but got into a spot of bother.
  6. Yeah he was 2 Para and he spent more time in the digger and he was the provos worst nightmare.
  7. How long was he in 2 Para, Sandy?
  8. It seems that he was in the Fusiliers too.


  9. 3 years
  10. Thanks.