Pure evil, Hang her!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adam(KOS), Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/west_midlands/7231231.stm

    What a bloody waste of tax payers money.

    Woman faces trial over apple core
    Ms Badger chose to stand trial at crown court
    A woman is to stand trial at crown court for allegedly throwing an apple core out of her car window.
    Kate Badger, from Cornwall Road in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, refused to pay a £60 on-the-spot fine after the alleged incident in March last year.

    The 25-year-old appeared before magistrates in the city where she elected to stand trial at crown court.

    The case was adjourned until 12 March. If Ms Badger is found guilty she could be sent to prison.

    She denies a charge of "knowingly causing the deposit of controlled waste, namely an apple core, on land which did not have a waste management licence".

    Reminds me of when I elected to go to DCM over a stupid charge against me and was consequently was marched out. :) (My OC loved me for that...... not..........it was the start of my demise from the regiment :roll: )
  2. Cant see a crown court judge being too happy about having this presented to them.
  3. Im outraged, etc. although I love how specific the charge is.
  4. Apple cores get thrown into hedgerows not bins. They are biodegradable, provide food for insects and birds and it's absolutely the correct thing to do. I won't stop doing it either. I hope this lady wins her case and then claims and recieves record damages for the distress and harm to her reputation caused.
    This country has gone stark raving bonkers and it needs more not less people with gumption like her that will challenge the madness.
  5. Its one of new labours new laws. I think, though I may be wrong, she's effectively been charged with fly-tipping
  6. I find the charge rather specific which is rather amusing.
    They say ignorance is no defense, but if the law keeps changing they need to inform us of the laws and what they have changed too.

    The sad thing is anyone who owns a car or has some indication they have money are fair game to the loony law? However if you’re a dreg in society the laws on your side, so get yer claims in

    but before i meander "hang the b1tch" an example needs to be set
  7. A think a well done to her is in order.
    Why couldn't the jobsworth copper (making an assumption here) have just told her politely to be more considerate. Plod's actions seem to have missed the point of employing a human who can interpret the spirit of the law as opposed to machine who uses the letter of the law.


    PS i am not opposed to chucking apple core's around the countryside
  8. think it may well be a council enforcer here
  9. I stand corrected, apologies to plod, but the jobsworth element still applies.
    Typical damned council!!!!
  10. Oi. remember we're here to serve the council.
  11. not only do we have to fear the scum at night who terrorize us we now fear the council enforcers during the day ""Great""?
  12. Out of interest what the hell is a council enforcer? is this an idea some councillor took from the Godfather or the Soprano's? Do they make offer's one can't refuse? Is there an extortion racket they run?
    Sounds bloody frightening to me...

  13. Bet you they wouldn't have stopped a muslim woman for the same thing . . .

    Or if they did there would be a huge uproar and the nationals would be making a bigger deal of it
  14. A council enforcer is a creation of some bitter and twisted bullied individual who was called names at school and sort refuge amongst the scum and chavs of this world.
    These enforces are actually low achievers who have been given the power to hunt down innocent victims in CIV DIV, who shows signs of wealth and or of making a slight mistake/accident. However when it comes to protecting these said “cash machines” they turn a blind eye or run away?
  15. That's not their real name, they vary from 'Enforcement officer' 'Compliance manager' 'Street Warden'

    People who check your rubbish and end up giving innocent members of the public criminal records for recycling the wrong rubbish (seriously) that sort of thing.

    I agree, fly tipping's horrible, but this?

    The other option is it was police who stopped her for littering, she gobbed off and got a ticket, in that case, stuff her.