Pure evil at 14.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chocolate_frog, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. This is a good report from the The Times with the all the troubled woes from one of the "Happy Slappers" life histories.

    Meanwhile The Sun reports the following...

    Is it any wonder we have such problems in this country, when somebody (read 2nd rate human loser) could have such a mind set that they would shout such a thing.
  2. eugnenics springs to mind for the entire family .
    now where are we going to dig the pit ?
  3. I'd ask where in the hell their parents are, but I guess that's my answer.

    I love it when the family blames the judicial system instead of their wonderful little angel. His "cousin" bought and paid for his 12 years, every second of them.

    Have fun in jail, a$$holes.
  4. Don't forget they will only serve 2/3 of their sentences 5.3 years for the girl, 8 years for the lads. For kicking someone to death. She'll be back on the streets by the time she's 22.
  5. and if I was a relative of the victim I'd be thinking by the times shes almost 23 I'd have turned her into worm food.
  6. What was the CPS doing charging them with Manslaughter? Seems to be happening more and more even in clear cases of murder. This is bad enough, but then the judiciary don't even give them a full sentence. Something is rotten in the state of justice.
  7. I knew it.

    As per usual, as soon as they were sentenced, out came the excuses why the kids had to find an outlet like this to vent their aggressive behaviour. There's no excuse; whatever upbringing, surroundings, family, atmosphere, whatever you've had - you would tend to figure out somehow that kicking people like a football, stamping on someone's head, seeing blood appear from what you or your friends are doing is not exactly a term of endearment.

    Its crimes like this one and: where the animal activitists exhumed the remains of a scientist's MIL, or seeing a 74-y-o granny beaten up by an intruder (on the news this morning but can't locate link); I wish the perpetrator(s) loses any their rights and, together with a lenghty prison sentence, should endure an experience as very similar to the one they gave their victim(s), just so they know how it feels. I could maybe possibly understand if there was some name calling - racial/sexist provocation but no, just like paedos, I just can't feel sorrow for them at all.

    Those ignorant scrotes should not be out until they hit 40. :evil:
  8. I really think we should revert back to National Service, as I feel this sorry situation we are currently in is only going to worsen.
  9. Lobster, guess what, we agree on something, however, would you want some of these scrotes anywhere near your unit? Maybe some sort of boot camp system for offenders who can be salvaged, see if they can be rehabilitated. The above mentioned scrotes however are clearly just cowardly thugs who deserve no such second chance, may I suggest they spend the rest of their worthless lives in prison to consider the error of their ways?
  10. Just make a comparison:

    Another story of a young girl from a 'rough' background - beaten physically and emotionally, and sexually molested from at least 12 y-o; Constance Briscoe
  11. Bring back Hanging!!!
  12. Blooody hell! That brings a lump to the throat. The strength of character to survive - let alone excel - after an upbringing as horrific as that gives me faith in the human spirit; it also totally discredits any apologist for "Happy Slapper" murderers. They don't deserve any sympathy.
  13. Perhaps Constance Briscoe should have been the judge in this particular case, to apply some perspective.
  14. The only people who deserve sympathy, are the victims of these scum, and the families, there are NO excuses for this type of savagery.
  15. Oh. My. God. Thank you for posting that link...I'm going straight to the bookstore.

    It's a discredit to the Constances of the world that the Chelseas are still sucking air, and benefits.