Purchasing stuff out in Iraq

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dml87, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. What sort of bank card do you need to purchase item from the EFU with.
  2. I find the one's in my daughters toy set usually does the trick (unlimited) but preferably one with money in it, sorry couldn't resist that.
    Have spoken to lads who have recently returned and they inform me that Visa, Maestro can be used and the usual service charge will apply.
  3. Is a SOLO card a masteo card
  4. you gotta watch solo cards as some are only for electronic use only!! The EFI only accept cards that they can do manulay on the old style stamping machine! So look on the back and if it says for electronic use only then no but i beleive any that dont have that can be used! Also if ya go on OSD down to yank land then you can use your card in the px, and in the bank machines in the px and it will only cost £1.75 per transaction as it would on brittian!

    Hope that helps dude
  5. Me Solo card says Maestro and cirrus on the bank but dont say for electronic use on it, its from the HSBC
  6. Then i beleive it should be ok dude but im not a huner% sure. Ask your bank maybe they might even know??!! Other wise ask the EFI they must have a site or something!??!
  7. You're better off taking a cheque book. That way you can cash cheques with your unit (most places do it once a week) and then buy stuff with cash. There's nothing worse than being stuck behind the chopper, in the EFI, that's trying to buy a can of coke on his Card. (They usually have to phone UK to authorise the transaction, so it can take ages).
  8. Cheers looks like Im stuffed, bank wont give me a cheque book, just allowed a SOLO card
  9. What are you, a student? Who's not allowed a cheque book FFS?

    Either get a new bank account or take a sh1t load of Dollars with you.
  10. Thanks stabtiffy but on everyone earns enough to get cheque books with their banks
  11. nationwide gave me a cheque even when on the dole sack your crap bank
  12. or better yet embrass them in the sun and then change banks :twisted:
  13. I use both my HSBC Debit and Credit cards in theatre EFI and PX without problem - just don't be a plank and by a packet of crisps with them use cash! When you use cards usual charges will be applied by your bank.
    Tell the bank you need a cheque book and why - your militray salary should be more than enough to satisfy their needs - having a cheque book should have nothing to do with the amount in your account you just may need to switch the type of account you have - some don't automatcally come with cheque books anymore. If they still dig in go to the NATWEST instead screw em!

    If you have any direct debits etc ask for a reasonable over draft - my pay was cocked up at the start of the tour the overdraft came in handy over the transitional period while I sorted things out.

    Hope this helps mate

  14. You need a cheque book only way to get cash in thearte .
  15. looks like im stuffed then