Purchasing personal equipment for going on tour

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by funkydude08, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. for people going to a war zone, say Afghanistan can soldiers buy things to lower the risk of danger to themselves ie body armour.

    I know you get the Osprey vest and helmet etc, but i dont think
    its anyway near enough protection when your life is on the line day in day out.

    I fully understand that you can only carry so much but surely you can do more to protect yourselves.
  2. My bold. Please enlighten us, how do you know?
  3. What rag do you work for then?
  4. What he said. This isn't going to be another bloody dragonskin thread is it?

    Edited to add feck off and watch future weapons.
  5. Yup.


  6. Sandman, thats good.
  7. Ta. Do you think he'll figure it out? :)
  8. I'm guessing with the lack of response he already has. :wink:
  9. Sunscreen. Swear by it.
  10. Thanks for you replies but from the responses iv had...Its NOT helped at all.

    Here a good example

    Your not allowed to take a mobile phone on tour.
    But when a small group of soilders got ambushed miles upon miles from the base, the coms went down and they had to leave their vehicles..taking cover in a house and surrounded by insurgents.
    If it wasnt for a soldier having his mobile phone on him to contact the ops room, im sure they would of never made it out a live.

    Why doesnt the Osprey vest have side plates or groin protector as standard issue?
    People being shot in the side or just under the Osprey vest dont stand a chance!.

    Soilders are having to buy handheld GPS devices because its hard to tell where they are, and its not because there crap at map reading..
  11. what the fcuk do you know ?
  12. I always wondered if anyone knows what level of protection the Osprey provides NIJ level 3 I would expect but what about the plates, there is a serious issue in as far as what do they stop. There is often many soldiers/Airmen/Sailors etc that do not have a clue. Saying it stops 7.62 alone is not good enough.

    Are the standards for osprey published ???????????

    There may well be an issue for purchasing your plates if they do not stop AP
  13. Couldn't have put it better myself.

    So come on the funkydude, what exactly DO you know? Care to enlighten us?

    Please tell me you've teamed up with Tony Stark and are creating an Iron Man stylee suit for the British Forces now that would be schweet AND you'd have our attention!

    As it stands you have our contempt!

    Edited because I'm not from Yorkshire and shouldn't put t's infront of words! :x
  14. You're right. I don't have clue what NIJ level 3 is. I frankly couldn't give a t0ss if its published. I'll wear what i'm issued. Next up you'll be complaining that Osprey won't stop an RPG.............. :roll:
  15. Not to mention the obvious insurance issues (or lack of insurance) when wearing non issued kit and for want of a better phrase "checking out"!