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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Maverick00, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. I have been lucky enough to be offered a commission in The Royal Regiment of Artillery. Conveniently, I have my tailors day on Saturday but I have been requested to hand in my tailors list of required clothing etc on friday. Thus I was wondering if any Gunner Officers here could

    A) tell me what I need to buy
    B) tell me how to get the best deal and who with?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.
  2. You won't appreciate this help: ask the Gunner officers where you are (currently the largest concentration of Gunners outside the RSA), I would think they are far more likely to know than any random arrser.
  3. Maverick,

    If you are a standard size I would get down to the YO's shop at Larkhill (Tel Clk on 94322 5636 or 01980 845210). They have SD, Mess Kit and hats. I wouldn't buy new if you can get away with it, especially with SD changing in the near future. I would hold off on anything like a Side Hat until you know if your future unit wears them. Some units still wear Blue Jerseys with Barrack Dress, but again wait until you find out at YOs where you are heading. Stephan's appear now to produce the SD shirt of choice (off white) but your issue ones will do until you can check with your Adjt. A silk knitted tie will be required as will a decent beret from the RMAS tailors (not Gieves the Thieves). Don't be fooled into buying 2 pairs of SD trousers as you will not require them that often. Mess wellies are worth buying new, but YOs shop might have a bulled pair that fit. A Blues Jacket can always be borrowed if your unit wears them for duties. I would not buy a new SD or No1 dress hat if you can get a second-hand one (Gunner Mag, E Bay if YOs shop is out). By the way I have a No 1 hat in VG condition going cheap. PM me if interested.

    Hope this helps.


  4. Agree with all above but bear in mind that the RMAS Gunner rep or SI YOs may require you to 'prove' you have SD and mess kit and may not accept a second hand set - its more to make the tailors toe the line with quality than to check up on you. Official RA tailor in RA dress regs is Goldings; they made mine 20 years ago and its still going strong although the arrse of my mess overalls have mysteriously shrunk in that time... Definitely buy second hand hats if you can.
  5. Having had recentish experience with Goldings, I would advise you to find somewhere else - they took several months longer than originally planned with my stuff, and some of the items wern't up to standard, and had to be sent back a couple of times, the regimental tailor was distinctly unimpressed with the quality of a couple of items as well.


  6. Not a Gunner myself but Goldings do appear to have got more expensive of late. When I went to RMAS they were one of the cheaper options but a recent quote for a No1 Dress hat from them has left me laughing hysterically.
  7. Current quote by Goldings:

    Service dress jacket & trousers 754
    Mess kit 842
    Mess kit rank 15
    No 1 hat 98
    Wellington boots 180
    Spurs 32
    Marcella dress shirt 33
    Silk bow tie 22
    Braces 34
    Beret and badge 35
    Khaki tie 22
    2 suit covers 14

    Total 2122 (conveniently exactly what I get for my allowance)

    Thanks so far for views, keep them coming!
  8. Maverick - if you are inside leg 36, chest 44 and waist 36 then buy my mess kit! Whatever you do, don't buy from Gieves the thieves.
  9. You try this place:-


    I bought my mess dress from him, and he's a little cheaper than Golding's if I remeber correctly, plus he sometimes has 2nd hand kit in. The proprietor was trained at Golding's.
  10. You are getting your pants pulled down over the cost of your mess dress and George boots. Go any where as but where you got that quote from. I was very lucky, I got given a mess dress jacket which fitted me nearly perfectly so I only spent around £150 on the rest of it (trousers, boots, shirt, bowtie and medals) and this does include tailoring and mounting of medals.
  11. I looked a messdress.com and prices for mess dress and wellington boots are almost exactly the same. As usual at RMAS I have very little time to research in any depth about who has the best offers. We (the cadets in my intake) are well aware that this is blatant daylight robbery but due to the lack of time and lack of experience there seems to be little we can do about it.

    I wanted to buy my No.1 tunic as well as a sword, but that would set me back another 1,000 so that's another issue. My Gunner rep advised that I wouldn't need No.1's for a year or 2 yet but I doubt my financial situation will have improved by then.
  12. Are you a horse?
  13. On a semi-related, semi-thread-diversionary tack, can anyone please tell me the correct orientation of pips on the shoulders of mess dress jackets? I'm confused as to which direction the blue portion of the pip should be facing.

  14. Nay!
  15. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    A gunner with a 36" waist? Not ruddy likely :cyclopsani: