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Purchasing laptops via a BFPO address.

Two questions, firstly does buying items in the UK and havng them sent to a BFPO address excuse you from paying VAT, and secondly does anyone know of an online supplier of laptops that recognises BFPO and would excuse VAT on items sent there?
I am on a ship, so it is not like being at a BFPO address that is permanently located in another country, so I am a bit dubious but it seems worth asking.
Dell have a BFPO sales department within their Staff sales department as their staff get Tax free anyway so they have just tagged BFPO onto it
DONT DO IT! I had a camera stolen by those thieving NO LONGER RE THANK GOD! posties in the Precission Factory, Gornji Vakuf, Bosnia several years ago... 300GBP worth!


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