Purchasing a tax free car

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by CrazyLegs!, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. Since I am in BFG and due posting shortly, inevitably I am looking to get a tax-free Beemer to take back to Blighty to my new unit.

    I have never owned a UK car, having got my first car when I got to BFG years ago (a locally purchased left hooker).

    Since I am on tour and so don't have access to a BFG office (and the BFG aide memoire link in the sticky thread doesn't work), is there anywhere else I can find a simple guide to the whole process, from selling my left-hooker to how I can legally collect and drive my car back to the UK (i.e. temporary insurance and tax disc are a concern)?

    Any help is much appreciated.
  2. has to be bfg'd for 7 days i think now

    what car is the left hooker and where is it (i am after one)
  3. SO I could get the car fully BFGed, light checked etc then 7 days later get posted and f off? Sorry for the bone questions, just want to get everything correct and not get stiffed for the tax (or a 5 year BFG ban) :)

    My current car is a slightly rickety ('character' I think salesmen call it!) Mk 4VW Golf from '99! It's sat in a garage in Javelin Barracks (Elmpt)
  4. yep but you then can dispose of said vehicle for a year - otherwise you will pay VAT

    How much for the golf, 50 bucks?
  5. 50 bucks?! Bargain! I thought I'd have to shell out at least 100 to get someone to take it off my hands ;)
  6. http://www.bfgnet.de/Community/docs/Focus/20080725-u-DECLINE_IN_SECOND_HAND_CAR_MARKET_IN_THE_UK.pdf

    You must not sell or transfer ownership of this vehicle until it has been in
    your possession for 12 months from the date of first BFG registration to avoid a time penalty
    on any subsequent posting back to BFG.

    Aide Memoire Link >>http://www.bfgnet.de/Community/docs/Focus/BFG_VLO_Aide_Memoire.pdf

    Can you not phone your BFG Office?
    Advice on BFG vehicle registration procedures can be obtained from your local BFG
    registration office or the BFG Vehicle Licensing Office Helpline during operating
    hours on Rheindahlen Mil 4100, Civil 02161 472 4100.
  7. Cheers for that, exactly what I was looking for.