Purchasing a Laptop

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Oneshot, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. I'm looking to buy a laptop in the near future. Mainly to be usef for surfing over a wireless network and waching dvds but don't want to spend a vast amount of money.

    Anyone got any reccomendations on the best places to buy?


  2. Don’t buy from Dell, they’re utter junk.
    If you do buy Dell, don’t buy any of their laptops with the duo core processor. Dell’s duo cores are faulty :pissedoff:
  3. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    I have an Acer myself (few years old now). Never had any bother with it. Few other more recent Acers here in the office which have again been trouble free. They are available from loads of places online.

    Find the model you want and do a google search on it.. Got a good bargain from Tesco the other month.

  4. ive got an acer travelmate 4601LCi. plays most games (including medieval 2 with details turned down), built in wireless networking.

    its alright. had an acer before too, no problems with that one either.
  5. Toshiba from Ebuyer, cheap as chips, decent warranty, will do what you want

  6. Surfing and watching DVDs are the type of tasks which can be supported easily by even a very low end laptop these days, so I suggest you then refine your requirements. Do you want to view the DVD on the laptop or a connected TV screen ? If the former, you should look for a widescreen model with a good resolution (nothing less than 1280 x 800 pixels). Either way, I agree with the guys above, ACER are shifting lot of laptops of good quality/price at the moment. Whatever you do, buy one using a credit card on the internet (eg ACER's own site) and not from PC (ripoff) World.
  7. oneshot

    i'm upgrading shortly, i've got a decent nick IBM T30, PM me if you want any more details

    i've used it for about 2 years and it does everything i've ever needed it to!
  8. ACER are awesome
  9. sorry i've just read that back and realised it didn't make the point!!

    i'm offloading my IBM T30 if you fancy a decent second hand one, let me know.
  10. or if anyone else wants a 2nd hand laptop let me know
    bout £250, but willing to negotiate :D
  11. Anyone got a mac laptop, if so are they any good?
  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Depends what you use it for....I use mine for email, surfing, DvD movies while travelling and gaming - PC btw - not a lot of gaming on Macs but otherwise fine.

    Btw on Dell - I bought a Inspiron 9400 dual core wide screen in Nov - think it's great - no probs, well apart from the fact they lopped £200 off the price in Feb...*sigh*
  13. sony viao from play.com are lopping off 50 quid more than the sonystyle.co.uk shopping space.

    sony laptops are the way forward if you are willing to pay a tiny bit extra. its well worth it.
  14. Hope you've cleaned the grot off the hard drive!
  15. Can you hit us with the spec?