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What do you think guys?
I know most probably think we should get it issued and in the main when we go on Ops we do get most of the kit required prior to departure - or it seems to be getting that way slowly. I have to admit though since my very first issue of kit, many moons ago it has improved markedly over the years we now get Norgy, CS95 (i/o tropicals we all bought years ago) Gortex Pro Boots etc etc when required.
However if you wanted a piece of kit that was NSN that you had not got by going on Ops do you feel you should be able to purchase it through the system at cost (or say cost plus 10%) rather than pay high Surplus prices? After all they must getgood prices being a bulk buyer!
Personally I wouldn't mind but whats the concensus?
Also strikes me the MOD has missed out on a opportunity to make a small Bob or two or save its staff some of their well earned as well.

Well, I believe there are possibilities but I never have had the urge to buy any non issue kit.... apart from miniatures! and some bright and colourful ancient dress stuff for the mess......


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Thats my point there seems to be some sort of policy in place but its not clear or generally understood.
I know if you are deploying and need something thats on the deployment pack you can request in trough the QM's and you might get it, justification required etc. However I see lots of toms wearing kit they have privately purchased at twice the cost price or more - their chioce I know but they are being ripped off I feel.
Same deal with Mess Kits i bought mine years ago for a small fortune and I am due for an upgrade as I switch Messes and its about to cost me another pricely sum!, with the MOD's bulk buying power there could be cost savings for all.

Makes sense to me but could you imagine the outcry from the press. " MOD fails to provide soldiers with the kit they need but is happy to sell it to them " ??

That's how the press would see it ( on a slow news day ).

You said, "Same deal with Mess Kits i bought mine years ago for a small fortune and I am due for an upgrade as I switch Messes and its about to cost me another pricely sum! I presume your going to the Officers Mess (and not the other way around!) in which case you will get uniform allowance to purchase your "officers" Mess Dress, so it will cost you nothing (that is another issue, is it fair that NCO's have to purchase theirs? - I think not).

I agree with what you say. There is plenty of good kit in the system which is not available for general issue to everyone (i.e. SF can get good Taser watches issued (there is an NSN), why can we not purchase them at the basic price?). That said, items such as watches, bino's etc are all serial numbered items and would create havoc in accounting terms. Items of clothing would be easier to control, but differentiating between issued kit and purchased kit would take some working around - but could be done.

Maybe we should do what the Navy used to do (they may still do it I'm not sure) and that is issue everyone a full set of kit during training and then pay an outfit allowance monthly for upkeep, any future replacements for worn out/lost kit is then paid for by the individual - ensures kit is better looked after and would enable individuals to purchase something they may want over and beyond what is isued - just a thought.


Speak to your QM and ask to borrow the Local purchase card for an afternoon shopping in the Welly centre! just keep the receipts.

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