PUPSC from Arrse toolbar

I've asked in the pc and gaming forum with no joy so far, so just in case ayone who doesn't read that bit knows the answer......................
I've noticed recently that on doing a spyware check I am getting a warning about DoubleD PUPSC. Checked on it and it's being added by the Arrse toolbar. I know a PUP is a potentially unwanted programme, the question being, is anyone else getting this from the toolbar and is it malware or a false positive?
Oh and trust Arrse to have DoubleD
I replied to a similar question in the ARRSE Online Gaming and Computer Advice forum. The problem was an add on but in the Status Bar but this I think will do the same job. Go into Tools/Manage Add-Ons/Enable or Disable Addons..., there you will see a list of all the add-ons in your toolbar, you can diable any you wish, may require restart, can't remember. This was my reply to the question and it worked.


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