PUPs David Ervine has died in hospital

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. bad news for northern ireland. don't respect his past, but one of the most honest and straight-talking politicians out there. shame there aren't more with his attitude.
  2. RIP, some good work in the past few years. :(
  3. Probably the most honest and forward-looking of the lot. Principled, open about his previous errors (for which he was, as he stated, rightly incarcerated), open to compromise with political opposites and totally clear about the direction in which he wanted his country to go. Not one single member of PSF can be described in those terms, or anywhere close. A real loss.
  4. Don't see your point. Ervine renounced his past, and admitted that he had been wrong - while stating quite categorically that he believed he was in the right to do as he had done at the time. He took to politics as he believed that it was the civilised way to progress, unlike the vast majority of PSF figures who only see it as an easier and more profitable way to power than their 'war'.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Agree with you 100% WB.Unlike a lot of politicians over here who spout nowt but sh1te,Ervine was the one constant in the termoil that is Ulster politics.One thing folk have to real is that NI is unlike any other region in the world.For someone like Ervine to renounce his past & embrace peace is a step forward that the majority are scared to take.
    RIP David.
  6. Perhaps...naturally as a respected politician we will see representatives across the divide at his funeral.

    I acknowledge your point about the renunciation of violence....
  7. He was a scumbag loyalist. Those ******* opened fire on us, UVF & LVF are not to be British. UDA go home you are scum
  8. he was part of the PUP, political wing of the UVF. but thanks for the intellectual input.
  9. Must have took you ages to think of that educated response. :evil:
    In a very complex couldron of politics he took flak from both sides as he used his experience and manner to move forward and help both sides of the community. I recently watched a documentary where he travelled to France to pay respects to the fallen, both Irish & British with a Sinn Fein councilor. Bigger man than me, and no doubt you!!
  10. When I was back at school, we used to get politicians coming in to give us 'talks' every friday. It was usually boring as shite & generally very one-sided, but Ervine was the only one who actually generated interest and displayed a trait not known in NI politics- common sense. He also railed against terrorism after being very open about his past, and said he was open to debate from all sides of the political spectrum. This was pre-98.

    He was the only politician I've ever voted for simply because I respected his views. A great loss

  11. [scarcastic] ahhh so it was ok for the IRA, PIRA CIRA etc to bomb and kill innocent civilians as well ?[/sarcastic]

    Two wrongs don't make a right, such retribution minded response will only perpetuate further violence and killing for what ? nothing the past must stay in the past , forget Drogheda, Boyne, (London)Derry, bloody sunday, Omagh........ think of the next generation not yet born who deserves the right to play in the streets safely without a bullet flying through the air and a bomb waiting to blow up.

    If a Gerry Adams turns up for the funeral of David Irvine then progress really has been made, the ice is well and truely broken.

    David Irvine has my respect for being very pragmatic, candid, open, a rare thing for a politician

    editied for monginess
  12. Shite driver, though, eh??
  13. errm yeah , I misspelt his name :oops: must pay more attention in the morning