Pupils lured into armed forces

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mac1, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. NUT...behaving according to type?

  2. They don't have the intelligence or the rigour to debate such issues and should stick to the hungry bloody caterpillar.
  3. From wheat I heard on the radio they don't like the fact that the forces recruit from underprivileged and deprived areas...

    Or in other worlds they give underprivileged children the opportinity of a career, a job and some valuable training with lots of other benifts that not other company does. I dont see BT or HBOS recuiting from these areas!

    And its not like the forces exclisively recruit from these areas, I'd hardly call Eaton an underprivileged school.

    NUT= nobbers
  4. i tell you this chav mongs only get to the ADSC stage because it sounds good to put on their MSN name "joining the army" and i was a in school 2 years back, the army came to our year and as far as i am aware a few took booklets home but none applied.
  5. Also on Current affairs

    Simple fact of the matter, the Armed Forces will take you even with no quals. You just have to show you have the right stuff.

    Throw in to this mix an annual Education fund, a significant education fund if you wan something bigger and the option to get trained from grass roots level in many trades - often with civvie quals thrown in.

    Throw in the chance to travel, live in different places and of course Adventure Training and Sport and what is there not to like.

    And of course two major conflicts going on at the moment. But if you are not aware of them you must be brain dead.

    The whingers are probably upset that a lad could leave their school with fcuk all, join the Army and become a well trained, educated and valuable member of society. Maybe even a teacher.
  6. I dare say quite a few of us on ARRSE have trodden that road. My time in the Armed Forces (Regular, and now Volunteer) has set me up for life.

    I was also taught by the last of the WW2 generation. They were pretty formidable and inspirational teachers. I wonder what they would think of this agiprop nonsense?
  7. or the whingers hate the military because it represents everything they hate in the way of attitudes, values & beliefs?
  8. Back in 1975 the Army recruiting team that visited my school used a sophisticated technique to lure several of us underprivileged vulnerable kids into the big green machine, these included a job with prospects, self respect, adventure ( don't laugh ) a ready made bunch of mates who would back you up and a feck off big SLR.
  9. They want a 10% payrise. They want to stop Armed forces recruiting. They want better structured holidays. They want, They want, They want. Usual cry of the NUT.

    Sometimes when you listen to them, its like they have the worst job in the world, and no one understands that. Yet if you go back through their policies, you will find they brought most of it, down on their own heads.
  10. On News 24 this am they reported that the Armed Forces were not being honest enough in recruiting.... Hmmm, like the 'teaching' adverts are honest- featuring obedient, happy students in small class sizes.
  11. :lol: good one!
  12. I prefer to think they are bitter because we can succede where they failled. :D

    They are teachers, they are their to teach, not get political. Teach the kids, give them all the choices and knowledge you can and let them get on with it.

    Like it, the Teachers should be forced in to advertiseing truthfullz, with a class of approx 40 kids all dressed in burbury, throwing tin cans at the teacher.... who is having a mental breakdown in the corner.

    And seeing as teachers also get stabbed on occaision, there should be scene involving a knife wielding maniac and a teacher in a pool of blood.

    It´s not wrong, just honest. We don´t want kids going in to teaching with any wrong opinions of what the life is going to be like do we? Obviously the worst case scenario but.....

    After all compare the "those who can teach" adverts with the following reports
    Violence reported against teachers at rate of "one act per day"
    Scotland reports violence against teachers UP by 50%
    Government commits to tackling violence against teachers

    Clearly the advert is different to the realities of teaching.

    Do reckon the school car parks are filling up with "CND Staff Cars" again?
  13. LOL!!! Very true!!!! :p

    Perhaps we should write a letter to The Times highlighting this fact! I think it would probably get published! :twisted:
  14. Maybe the NUT should focus on actually teaching the little darlings something including discipline...
  15. some schools need the army to go in.
    with bayonets fixed and air support :twisted:
    am news, bint complaining about the military ginger with facial piercing.
    teacher saying he had no problem with it middle aged white bloke with tie. (obviously raciest elitist whateverelsiet :evil: some people haven't grown out of student politics.