Pup.optional on Laptop.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by uncle_vanya, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. I keep getting a things called 'pup.optional...' on my Laptop. I have up to date 'Malwarebytes' software which I run as a general scan every now and again. This sometimes highlights one or two of these 'pip.optionals...', and and often hundreds, which have to to be manyally deleted. It can be a tad tedious at times.

    Is there any way to prevent these being installed on PC, I have mcAfee anti-virus etc software, and I also use CCleaner, but that is for clearing out temporary Internet files etc. I ahve also read that 'pup.optional...' etc can be removed by going into Control panel, and using the option on my PC and use 'Uninstall a Program', however I'm not sure what I'm really look for as regards the 'pup.optional..' remeoval.

    Any ideas would be welcomed.... Ta
  2. Remember that a pup isn't just for Christmas.
  3. pup.optional is "Potentially Unwanted Program". There will be a different removal process for each one of these. You should get a report saying "pup.optional.name.version". You will then have to look for the program by name (noting that the installed name and the reported name might be significantly different.)

    To stop them being installed, I'd stop visiting dodgy websites ...
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    macafee isn't the best antivirus but their stinger program is very good at removing things you don't want. spybot has an immunise function which updates your hosts files to stop a lot of malware getting in.

    chances are you've installed a toolbar or been hijacked by a bad search engine like delta.

    best to run any removal tools offline and in safe mode though.
  5. I am glad I don't have it on my laptop.
  6. it's probably from all that porn you've been downloading
  7. Did I say that? I think I did :)

    Why, oh effing why?
  8. What, Moi look at naughty websites....... Hmm, I blame it on NAAFI Bar and those nice semi-naked ladies that are posted thaere.....
  9. On a more serious note most of those come from programs and web browser addons you've downloaded. Often open source software has a sponsor whose software is automatically downloaded unless you specifically opt not to tick it (often buried under mounds of warnings not to do so or simply not an option). Best way to avoid it is be wary of what else you're installing along with the software you want.
  10. You're confusing Open Source software with freeware. Freeware includes the dodgy payload.
  11. quite possibly, correction taken.