Pup Green

Discussion in 'RAC' started by T_Rex, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. Pup,
    nice to see your still about, no doubt still in Germany with the SS, give Sylvie my love too, still collecting SS daggers and the like I expect, thats a silly question. I didnt drink that much red wine not that I can remember. Your not still in F-ingB R U.
  2. its not called the ss these days its the germany guard service...
    same sort of thing smaller gas bill--nice to hear from you . not many daggers these days only the ones s54 sticks in my back ...the twaaaaaaat. all best you old fart i miss your company ....or should that be squadron......
  3. Ah you two soppy old farts! How good to see that after all the banter that goes on in the end it just goes to show that a Tankie is a Tankie is a Tankie. Fear Naught all those that wear the black uniform.
  4. hey there pup who else from nero is on here forever green
  5. Except twaatttttts who cast dispersions upon the gene pool in the Duchy of Cornwall.....So**es you are a git :D
  6. Me!
  7. Oi, donkey walloper, s*d off! ;)
  8. I thought you might like that one W***. How are you mate?. I understand from S54 that you are quite close to my loc. Is that correct?. If so PM me with your contact details. :D
  9. Language young Sir!!
  10. Young eh? Remind me to buy you a pint.

    <fx reaches for Grecian 2k & wig>
  11. Butler
    You old fart
  12. An unexpected and unprovoked analysis of my true nature. Sir I resemble that remark :D