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Punk rock thread

Still waiting to hear of the 1977 gig at the Schooner is still on for Saturday 26th. This time, the gig will be indoors. No stage - they just play on the floor. There will be limited audience, and tickets need to be got in advance.
More details when I find out tomorrow. Jacka's other band, the Nutopians played there on Sunday, I hear, and that went ok.
Well, North East Calling 2020 was meant to be going on this Saturday. Obviously, Covid has fcuked that off.
Plan B was 1977 at the Schooner.
Unfortunately, this too has been cancelled. Even though it was taking place indoors, not the outdoor stage.


Just been txted by a reliable source that Stoney from the late great Keyside Strike is on a ventilator, in hospital from the lurgy. Lets hope for a speedy recovery.

Looks like the Damned have got Rat and Brian James in for a 1976 reunion tour next July.
Sorry only 4 dates.

Friday 9th London Eventim Apollo (is that the Hammersmith Apollo?)
Friday 16th Birmingham O2 Academy
Saturday 17th Glasgow O2 Academy
Sunday 18th Manchester O2 Apollo

Tickets go on sale this Friday.

Please pass on to any Damned fans you now.

The Damned

Also a short interview by Don Letts.

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Morning All,
My local 'exclusive', gentleman's drinking establishment...

...and the only splash of colour in the place.

It causes some confusion with the customers.


Annie nightingale on iPlayer has 2 episodes on featuring some decent punk/new wave/ska stuff from back in the day. At the end of episode 1 Duran Duran are on? Not sure how that fits in ffs.
Anyway if you've nothing else to do it's better than nothing.
However, I'm not sure how some of the artists qualify. There is some decent stuff especially from the ramones.
I saw that a few weeks ago on BBC4. My mates and I agreed that we were not happy about the way the docu diversified from Punk after 1979, and went on to feature bands that were offshoots from the new wave scene. Instead, we reckon they should have concentrated on the newer waves of Punk bands, from the likes of Discharge, Exploited, GBH etc, and successive waves, particularly the Oi!, hardcore and anarcho scenes.

I mean fcuk having the likes of Duran Duran and all that on a Punk docu.


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My friend called James Page , honest was in a punk band called "were shit."

Back in the day my wife ran a naughty schoolboys unit in Islington the 14/15 year old younger brother of Sid Vicious was a resident. Just how can you interest a boy in making tables chairs and bicycles after he has been following his brother on gigs all over the place and has already had a fill of SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL ?
Answer it you cant . him ,mum was a nightmare apparently.
Also Johnny Rottons brother fitted a kitchen in my sisters flat.........Am i still in the right thread ??
Faking It on Channel 4 tonight, 2305hrs. Chris Sweeney, lead singer of the Dead Pets does a 4 week crash course in conducting a symphony orchestra.
I have seen these quite a few times, from Newcastle to Derby, and they never failed to bring the house down.
A girlfriend I brought along to some of their gigs wasn't a Punk or anything. But she told me, "Sweeney's not just a singer - he is an entertainer."
She really enjoyed their gigs.
Did a search but no mention.

Just been listening to a new hardcore punk band, Chubby And The Gang.

Been knocking around for about a year or so, mostly in London.

Got a few tracks and a live gig on the choob.

NME profile and review of album here: Chubby and The Gang: west London hardcore punks' thrilling debut captures lightning in a bottle | NME

Any album with 13 tracks in 28 minutes ain't gonna be prog rock.

Hmm what about Storm Troopers of Death and the album "Speak English or Die", was that thrash metal or was that punk???

That had 21 tracks in not many minutes
It might well get to Number 1.

The Kunts’ song ‘Boris Johnson Is A ******* ****’ has entered the Top 10 of the UK’s singles chart as the race for this year’s Christmas Number One continues.
Released earlier this year as part of the cult comedy band’s July album ‘Kunts Punk In Your Face’, the song has already received the backing of Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker.
Brooker noted on Sunday (December 20) that ‘Boris Johnson Is A ******* ****’ had risen to number two on iTunes’ UK songs chart, a likely response from the music-buying public to the UK government’s last-minute decision to scrap the proposed relaxation of coronavirus rules over the Christmas period and implement a new ‘Tier 4’ across London and the South East.
Beats the shite out of Maria Effing Carey and all the other dross..