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One of my girlfriends slept with Nicky Tesco when they played Wolverhampton Lafayette, around 1979. I did not get to know or do the deed with her until 1984.
I've not seen a single pic of Sid with a mohican.
He did, however, autograph a shirt of mine, along with Cook and Jones.
Well, it would be if my mum hadn't thrown it away...
Trust me, it was before the punk scene was even in its infancy.
Must have been about 75 or 76. Bright green massive Mohican and a black leather studded bikers jacket, he was like a creature from another world.
The squat was in Hampstead, Streatly flats, now gentrified, it was saved from being pulled down as it was apparently the first social housing ever built.
An absolute shithole at the time with multiple flats sharing one bathroom.
Edit, In those days there used to be a communal bathouse and launderette at the bottom of the road so everyone used that. Now million pound flats.
Some low key Punk Rocking this weekend in Gateshead.

1977 at the Three Tuns
Overload at the Black Bull
Rigid Digits at the Swan, opposite Heworth Station.
Saw these Chicago lads last night at The Old Town House in Warrington.

was quite impressed, very tight and synced group.

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Buzzcocks frontman, Pete Shelley has died aged 63.

Buzzcocks singer Pete Shelley dies at 63
Really sorry to hear that, not my favourite band tbf, but they were an influence.
Christ, all these people dying, I must be getting old, its depressing.
Not a lot on here at the moment.
Cant be assed to go to Xmas Punk at Leeds next weekend nor can the missus, so its been a year of not a lot tbh, I hope for better next year.
I have no idea what they are singing, but I do like the style.

Well, it's been a crap year for us for gigs this year. We are really going to work harder in 2019.
Anyway a happy New year to all punk/skin/mods everywhere.

all the best and get pissed, it's good for you........possibly

tonight it's the 4skins followed by some other rubbish tonight

all the best
I found this Alf Garnett episode, in which his grandson visits, and has become a Punk. I am wondering if this was Keith Flint's first tv appearance, before he was in the Prodigy.

Saw Fiend at the Black Bull last night, and Crashed Out at Trillians on Friday. Both gigs well attended. Back in the West Midlands, GBH and the Drongos did their usual Xmas gig together. Unfortunately, the gig was at a venue cupla miles out of the city centre, and the last train to Wolvo leaves at 2335hrs, so that's that gig out of the window for me and my mates, and anyone more than 6 miles away. I have heard many horror stories about people being left stranded overnight in Birmingham, due to the bands not playing til well gone eleven.

You sometimes see a campaign to save a well loved local venue from the property developers, but this is not one I shall lift a finger to help. The sooner it is turned into a gastropub, yuppie flats, or a mosque the better.
Sorry to say that Mick Coyle from the Dead Wretched was found dead yesterday. For the last few years, he stood in for Ross on bass at some GBH gigs. He even put up with the abuse on stage, being called Shakin Stevens.

That's two of em down now, with drummer, Des dying in June 2016. Mick was meant to play bass for GBH at London 100 Club and Coventry Arches this weekend. Out of respect to Mick and his family, both gigs are postponed.

Tommy Drongo texted me to say he thinks it was a flu virus, and that he had been ill over Xmas. Even only managing half the set during the GBH gig in Brum December 28th.

RIP Mick and Des.

Although the song title is a bit inappropriate, this was always one of my favourite Dead Wretched songs.


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