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Punk rock thread


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We have Northern Soul, Heavy Metal, Ska, Reggae, Thrash Metal and Motown threads but I noticed there wasn't one or I couldn't find, a thread on punk music. Quite a few who joined in the mid to late 70's and early 80's may very well remember being in a block somewhere getting your kit ready for the next day with a radio on in the background playing punk music in the charts like the ruts or a cassette player playing the sex pistols.
Punk was everywhere wether we liked it or not, my wife used to say to me that she loved disco but couldn't stand punk.
I dug out some cd's and started playing the odd hit or two along with some punk songs that were not hits but people remember for other reasons.
I put on Babylons burning by the ruts and she remembered and liked it, as she did for some other bands like sham69, stiff little fingers and the sex pistols. It's only after I had played half a dozen tunes that she realised that there were quite a few punk bands that she liked.
So who were your favourite band/s and what were your fafourite punk songs?
Punk is still going strong and both the mrs, myself and my son regularly go to punk gigs to see bands like dirtbox disco and born to destruct.

Here are a few bands that my wife remembers and liked

The Ruts, Babylon is burning

Anarchy in the uk by the sex pistols

Sound of the suburbs by the members,
Who we saw at my local a couple of months ago.

And finally some dirtbox disco

And the last band for the moment is born to destruct.
I have seen them play a few gigs over the last couple of years and I can honestly say that we have always enjoyed each and every gig. So if you see them coming to your town, city, village or hamlet

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Every time I see a thread like this, I think this is the answer ;)


It was seeing Sham 69 on TOTP that got me into it.

The Exploited got stick for being on TOTP in Autumn 1981 with Dead Cities. But how many Exploited fans are also into the Sex Pistols, Clash, Damned, SLF, Sham 69, UK Subs, Angelic Upstarts, Ruts, X Ray Spex, Cockney Rejects? Also, Motorhead, even though they are not a Punk band, they have a strong Punk following.

Why is it ok for the Ruts, Upstarts and the UK Subs to go on it, but not the Exploited?


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A few punk songs from around the USA


The dead kennedys

and a bit of early green day
Eddie and the Hot Rods - Teenage Depression was my first punk single.

Album wise it was Stranglers/Pistols/The Damned and Ramones all bought shortly after

Green Day? just a Clash cover band


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My mates band
Born To Destruct

They hail from Cambridge and have a few gigs coming up. I know for a fact that they will be playing at my local the harvest home in houghton Regis on July the 18th
It never ceases to astound me the number of old punk bands who still do the circuit.

I've always found old rockers a little disturbing and punk rockers particularly so. It was something meant to be performed by fiery young men and women, not Saga louts. The audiences are just as strange. Old feckers with replacement hip joints trying to pogo. If they attempted to gob, their dentures would probably fly out onto the stage.



All ways loved this, the music is as true today as it was 37 years ago.
The running order is now up for the Blackpool Punk festival. Friday night is gonna be awsome with Sham 69 headlining the Empress stage, with the Damned, UK Subs and Ruts DC on back-to-back.

Provost, the reason ppl are still into it is because nothing came along that was any better. I never really got into this S Club thing or Ravey Davey Gravy shit. The Britpop bands never did anything for me. Middle of the road pop music with a slight attitude.
We played a gig in a pub on Saturday doing a mixture of covers and originals. It was going down nicely but not exciting until we played Teenage Kicks, then it was lively.

Old Nig

I still adore punk into my mid forties, hope I always will. Favourite punk band, SLF. Favourite punk track, Shot by both sides, Magazine.

Almost makes me wish I had hair just to dye the f***ers green!
We had this poster on the wall in our block. SLF and Dead Kennedys would be heard on a regular basis even into the 90's
Wzs actually a long haired git c.1977 but listening to Peely and going to Reading Rock so caught a few gigs in the heyday.
Never liked Rock n Roll as I associated it to old farts and the geriatric teds I saw around Bradford, however, turning up in London mid 80s on my restored Triumph I got into it and the spin off retro, rockabilly/psychobilly.
Fortunately sprogs have developed pretty good musical taste but I've just been informed I'm going to a Slaves gig in November!

Prefer Eddie and The Hot Rods, The Cramps, Ramones myself
I still love it, age has knob all to do with stays with you forever.

Hearing the Pistols still makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck even though it's grey now. :frustrated:

Anti-Pasti :headbang:


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My son used to listen to nothing but rap and dance stuff until he started college last year. He heard me playing dirtbox disco in the car one day and his new found interest has spread. He now goes to watch new up and coming punk bands, as opposed to the old and bold ones, and shows a great deal of interest in some of the American punk bands such as bad religion, tsol, penny wise, dead kennedys and the more popular ones like blink 182 and the offspring.
He has made a great new circle of friends at college and it's good to see that teenage kids are still forming and performing as punk bands.
Great stuff

I will add one of my favourite American punk bands NOFX, I actually discovered them for myself by reading kerrang magazine in the mid 90's, I saw an advert for a maroon hoodie with a sharks head on the back with NOFX written above it. I ended up buying the hoodie and punk n drublic one of the best albums by NOFX
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