Punishment & Sentencing - What needs to change?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bits, May 12, 2005.

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  1. Forget policing. Forget politics. This one is purely about punishment and sentencing.

    This is about the chav who's just been convicted of stealing cars in your area, or the pikeys who've just been caught shoplifting. This is about the drink driver who got away with a ban and an 18 month sentence for killing a little girl. This is about what happens to the burglars, muggers, rapists, and those who defraud the state benefits system.

    Sentencing in this country is a joke. 18 months in an open prison for causing death by driving while under the influence? Where's the f^cking deterrent in that!

    So what do you all consider to be appropriate sentencing guidelines, why isn't it happening, and what do we need to do to put it right?

    [Anyone reading the Met Police thread will have spotted that Dz has got me really riled.]
  2. Three strikes and you're out!


    You get convicted of three crimes and it's mandatory life imprisonment in most States.

    Crime shouldn't pay. The criminals should!

  3. The removal of the sliding scale of penalties.

    Set punishment for offences that are well advertised and imposed.

    No judicial consideration, if a jury says guilty no bleeding heart judge to over rule them and impose a non-custodial sentence.

    Life to mean life.

    More but I’m tired and this sort of thing makes me think nasty horrible ways in which to punish people...

  4. The legal system needs to accept the fact that some people are just plain BAD.
    None of this phsyological stuff about grew up in poverty, had no father mother was a slag.
    All that is just an insult to the millions who grew up in such circumstances and turned out as normal decent citizens.
    Young children do know right from wrong and should be taught to respect their elders and teachers and do as told.
    Any adult who mistreats children must receive max punishment.
    john the phsycologist.
  5. There needs to be a sea-change in the criminal justice system, not least at the top. The home Office, CPS and Judiciary is run by liberals who believe implicitly that custodial sentences for criminals are wrong.

    When the boss of the CPS in one of Tony'n'Cheries lefty barrister pals from "Top Human Rights Chambers" Matrix then I think you get the idea. Lord Hoffman? Ex-member of Amnesty International. Prisons policy is run on the assumption that people will get "community-based" sentences.

    Meanwhile the scrotes giggle, look at their tags and go and rob another granny, safe in the knowledge that if the yget caught somebody, somewhere is feeling sorry for them. The leftist dogma that crime is a socially-created phenomena that has little to do with personal choice continues.

    What really scares criminals is getting caught and losing their liberty. Recidivists really are interested solely in their immediate comforts and "rights" (i.e. to drink wife-beater and alcopops, get out of bed at noon, smoke as much 'nabis as they can then go steal stuff) and if you take those away then they get a bit lumpy.

    So, my criminal justice policy would be very simple:

    Commit a crime? Go to prison. If you are so stupid that you use your prison time to learn even better thieving skills then guess what? Yep, you're going back to prison. Rinse and repeat. Spend fifty years in there; it's your call. Your choice.

    Protecting the country from threats both external and internal (and crime is firmly in the remit of the second) is a government's gravest responsibility. And it's another that New Labour seems determined to fail delivering. Instead, they re-arrange the deckchairs on The Titanic, with ASBOs and tagging and restorative justice.

    I didn't vote for them.

  6. I do have veiws on punishment, and so for your consideration, here's my manifesto.

    1. A new Type of Crime: "Responsible person". This is someone who betrays his or her postion to comit a crime, or someone who should be setting an example to others. examples are police officers, polaticains and teachers (however hte final call is up to the Judge). Should someone be classified as a Responsable person their sentance is doubled.

    2. Bring back Corpral punishment. Pain is a good deterent. If something hurts, you tend not to want to do it again. Hence why when we where young and did something wrong we got a clip round the ear. We didn't keep on doing it, did we? If the parents will not disapline their spawn, then the state will have to.

    3. Prision reform: Gone are the TV's, gyms and free stuff. If you behave in prision, you get access to a raido. If you keep behaveing mayebe acceses to a TV, and such forth. A strict arangment of rewards and punishments. one thing though, compulsry Trianing for jobs during your sentance. and Minor Tax breaks for companies who employ offenders after their relaease.

    4. For a period after the sentance is finnished 24 hour electronic tagging.
  7. maybe try and get the scrote up in front of a judge with in a year so the scrote can remember what there being punished for :cry:
  8. I have this idea....Firstly give everyone a second chance. This protects those that have fallen in with the wrong crowd, were young and stupid, had lost in love blah, blah...

    Then....On the second offence, throw away the key, after whipping them for an hour with rusty barbed wire.

    Sounds fair to me..
  9. This is already treated as an aggravating feature by sentencing judge...........eg stealing from employer is a breach of trust. Although police officers have a very bad time in prison as you can imagine :wink:
  10. This is a good subject , thing is because we are all military or want to be we all have the same views and ideal's . Yes the courts are way way too soft , yes the judges generally are old farts who have no idea of the real world . We can all see this , but is it worth winding yourself up over because it / they will never change .The criminal is always the victim now and it pi""es us all off . What can we do to sort these scrotes out . Nothing . :( :evil:
  11. Well, what do we have, violent crime on the increase, now the "happy slapping" where reprobates actually use their phones to record their assaults on random members of the public......

    Time to turn the tables - I advocate the use of undercover squaddies on a few bus routes - one gets a slight slapping, the rest pile in and sort out the hooligans.

    Also, why not use us to increase a security presence on violent and difficult estates - after all, we've done the fireman bit, why not the policeman. Could be good for recruiting too!

    Let's put something back in to society, like a size 10 in some cases....
  12. How about protection for the righteous?

    Catch a scrote in your house, fill him in with impunity!

    Obviously within reason i.e. a knife to the chest is somewhat extreme, but if a scrote breaks in to your home - no matter what the reason, it should be illeagal for said scrote to then bring a civil action, if he his hurt in the process, whether it's by barbed wire or a cricket bat to the b*llox :evil:

    I do think however, the previous comments about doubling sentences for 'responsible' people isn't the best idea.

    Take the case of the teacher locked up for blatting off at those scumbags making her life hell. Should her sentence be doubled?

    and there are some coppers on assault charges for spanking rioters at parliament square, i don't think a custodial sentence is right in that case either.

    Should a soldier or NCO in a responsible position be locked up for whacking a rioter in NI or Iraq? Definitely not I think.

    However, letting off a druggie waster or benefit scrounger living on drug money who's left a kid with every bint he'd unloaded up, is wrong.

    These people bite the hand that feeds, they're taking the pi$$ and laugh at the system and those of us who work for a living.

    And the authorities are frightened of them in case they get sued or accused of being right wing.

    How about drug addiction being an aggravating factor, same with being a chav!
  13. OR........... Hitting offenders with different size fish according to the crime.

    e.g. A spank with a trout for motoring offences, or a slap round the chops with a salmon for theft?

    Any takers?
  14. Death sentance for murder, rape, drug smuggling or dealing, treason (including those "mad mullah" tw*ts in Finsbury Mosque) and touching kids

    Jails tol be jails again - no tv, no brand new gym equipment, working for pocket money (jail farms, gardens, workshops etc)

    Causing death by dangerous driving replaced with manslaughter

    Corporal punishment brought in - minor offenders birched in public
  15. Yes but with sensible application of corporal punishment maybe said teacher wouldn't have gone OTT, goes also for the case of coppers (got tw@tted a couple of times as a kid for pushing my luck a bit far).

    As for a Squaddie in a riot situation different kettle of fish, no comparison.