Punishment Postings

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Having just read a few threads about how unhappy some of you guys are with certain postings, others wanting to swap postings before finsihing their training etc; I thought I might regale you with times past when it was common for some Commanding Officers to discipline soldiers within their command to a really sh*tty outpost without warning.

    The first time this happened to me, I was serving as a JNCO in a Divisional Int Sect in Verden in the frozen wastes of Northern Germany, a posting I personally hated, and was moved without warning to a small 3 man Security Section near Antwerp in Belgium. Within three months I had settled in, been promoted, proved myself to my seniors and can safely say was the most enjoyable posting of my long career. What "Tangle Tits" my CO had hoped would break me was actually the making of me. :D

    The second time, when I was a SNCO, and had fallen foul of a Bleep CO in Cyprus at a sensitive location four miles from Famagusta, I was moved on a 3 month warning order back to Germany where M-W, who cared more about his political career than the men under his command, tried to get rid of me, Henry V and the late Ronnie Anderson, but made the mistake of sending me to a Security Section commanded by a no-nonsense Australian officer. Henry unfortunately took the easy option out.

    Again, I bit the bullet and after working off my 3 month warning order (much to the disgust of M-Sh*tething and an ex-LCpl who was the Adjutant) I ended up in another Security Section where I finished my career after 5 years and an extension in post. One of my OC's in that last Section has done pretty well for himself as well and is now the current Director. :wink:

    The morale of this story, as I am sure many of my former colleagues may agree, is to knuckle down and make the best of every situation and who knows what opportunities will arise if you approach every task with enthusiasm, whether you like it or not. :eek:
  2. Punishment posting, now there's a phrase that I have not heard for a long while.....but it does recall an incident in my own time in the mob.

    I joined at 17 and absolutely loved it, passed out best recruit, got my first tape and quite quickly my second. I was then posted to BAOR and met my nemesis, the Demon Drink. How rapidly things can turn to shoite.

    Various reprimands, followed by being busted and posted. Posted my CO said, to a place where I would learn all about it. If I recall, the phrase 'punishment posting' was mentioned, whether by the CO or the RSM, is now long gone.

    What he meant was that I was to be sent to the West Indies, which, along with many another of the old colonies, had attracted the description as ' the white man's grave' and if you visit the cemeteries in such places, you will see that our forefathers often did in fact, die in their droves.

    I duly found myself in sunny Jamaica, which had indeed been a difficult posting in the 19th century, but was now HQ Caribbean Area, and housed in cool and shady barracks in Kingston.

    Following a few weeks, I was again posted to one of the outstations, this time on the Island of Nassau in the Bahamas, where I was to be part of the rear link , along with two other signallers, and there I was to remain for the next fourteen months.

    Well, with a platoon of the Royal Hampshire's and ourselves, ensconced in the terminal of a disused World War Two airfield, situated right on the outskirts of Nassau town, and with a working rig of boots and socks, PT shorts and a beret, and with a working day that finished at noon, this was a punishment that I could get used to.

    Needless to say, I returned with my two tapes and a bit of maturity and a link and an idea for a career after the Army. Life's been good since.


  3. What a ridiculous concept! How could anything be other than swetness and light between a Lt Col in the Royal Corps and an Intelligence Corps NCO?

    Now get yourself off to battle camp once you have picked up all the dog ends down by the pool.

    Was there a moral to that story as well?

    WRT to Bulford being a punishment posting. Gnasher told us it was just the place where STRATCO went back to, when they came back off Ops and went on leave and courses. Replen the staionery boxes, put the wagons into Wkss and get away on leave.
  4. As a young school child, I also had fond memories of Up Park Camp in Kingston where my father was serving at the time. We lived in a modern Planter's Cottage on the perimeter of the camp and I attended both an American Kindergarten and the local Service School before I returned to the climes of Gods own country in Alba and my Highland Granny !
  5. Thanks to your prediliction fro three monthers H_S there were others of us that had to fill the gaps you left :wink: thankfully not Verden.

    Which takes me back to the same era when a certain other scottish transferree in another Div Int Sect decided to revamp all the classified docs and destroyed the MoD F102s, re-organised the filing system and therefore was subsequently exchanged for a young good looking LCpl from one of the Bde Headquarters; so which was more punishing Detmold or Herford! What a section that was, the WO2 had fought in the Radfan, Pete de Burgh (RIP god bless him) was the Sgt, also there was the first and best threat artist, a premuturely silver haired ex-chef and a yokel from Norwich , along with an Irishman who we shall call Shamus, who spent a lot of time in a salubrious establishment called the Cafe Colibri. Good times listening to an RAOC photographer (who also later transferred in) arguing about Waterloo with some bloke called Gow.

    Edited to improve grammar
  6. What a ridiculous concept! How could anything be other than swetness and light between a Lt Col in the Royal Corps and an Intelligence Corps NCO?

    Thank You Subsonic, as an ex-Monkey you would of course know that everything was sweetness and light between different Corps at all levels. BTW had the Red Beret been introduced when you transferred ?

    This particular Bleep Commanding Officer had allegedly been sent in to clean up the mess left by one of his predecessors who sold the Royal Signals yacht to an unnamed buyer, indented for extra furniture for the troops and then sold it off to the locals and hired out Royal Engineer plant equipment, after having it painted yellow, to the Turkish Cypriots in Famagusta. He may have had some help of course but I am sure my Darksider colleagues know more about this.

    Needless to say the latter CO was not only unpopular with Corps NCOs, but with his own officers, the Bleeps, Crabs, Matelots and civvies as well.
  7. ...had been one of the candidates for being the first British Astronaut, as I recall, but the dirt of Ay Nik rubbed off on him and he had to stand down. Very mucky, Ay Nik.

    (Who could it have been, I wonder, who pasted the notice to the COs door: 'Rearrange the following words into a well-known phrase or sentence: "M******y cunt is a W*****g.' )
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  8. There was a top-class brothel not far from the back entrance by the Mess. "Cold Wrays and lime, Red Stripe and a BJ, please", to quote Champion the Wonder Horse.

    Lower the tone? Who, me?
  9. Since I'm still a virgin at 56, as I was then aged 5, I wouldn't know about these things WB. I also stayed away from the Belizian whores in the Big C, The Colombian ones were much prettier and gave a discount !
  10. Grobbendonk? I ended up there for same reason. Fantastic posting. Great food with the Belgies. Rabbit and hare hunting in the pet dep with mess shotgun. One man posting for me - I certainly did not see it as punichment from Duesseldorf
  11. [quote="HIGHLANDER_SPY
    Thank You Subsonic, as an ex-Monkey you would of course know that everything was sweetness and light between different Corps at all levels. BTW had the Red Beret been introduced when you transferred ?

    Oh dear has `Hamish the Espionage Agent`- outed you Sub or is he mistaking you for one of your other Ids ?

    BTW - I considered a punishment posting as one where I had to fill the 1771s for other members of the `team/det/pairing/car/OP - delete as applicable ! :p

    In truth only had one instance which I consider a `bad posting` and that was only for a short while until the idiot left the service. All was well following his departure. Many years later I got my own back - BIG TIME !
  12. Sorry Old Red Cap

    I was referring to Emblem Camp (incorporating Het Loo). Grobbendonk had closed down except for training (and the odd suicide of RCT Chief Clerks) by the time I had arrived, but Olen was still active. The old Gondola Bar (Brothel) where the Gondola Agreement was signed allowing British Forces to remain in Belgium, was also still standing. The Families NAAFI was in Herentals Camp and the Married Quarters were in Herentals and Lier.

    One particularly gorgeous (and multi-lingual) Belgian Lady still leaves me with a tear in my eye when I think of what I missed !
  13. Tidworth...

    I still don't know who I upset to get that sh*thole.



    PS it was only the location and the MQs that that were really crap. The lads were a great bunch...
  14. IDM Coy used to be regarded with a degree of dread too. I don't recall many going there voluntarily!