punishment in training funny or pure pain

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by davethedog, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. tin lid f***up on trg area,made to take spider out of tin lid and carry on with sect attacks etc, pure pain still got the indent on the swede but never f***up again.any more stories from sadisctic full screws.
  2. early eighties, pt lesson in the days of red pt top ,blue knee length shorts all had to be pressed and starched ,rolled down socks and black plimsoles highly polished and front bulled,lad in platoon goes divvy black plimsoles and gets white instead (new issue) decides instead of being the odd one out he paints them black, by the time we double to gym form up awating inspection they,re a touch cracked ,pti inspects and all you hear is what the f***, whole platoons starts p****ing themselfs,pti walks out come back two mins later this was 1030ish,and informs us i have just spoken to you,re platoon sgt you,re now mine for the rest of the day,we couldnt even walk back to the block never mind double,and it was a friday,dead for the whole weekend if memory serves me right was still aching two weeks after. cheers louie h.
  3. Guards Depot Pirbright by any chance? :)

    The Sandhill, The Sisters ................. Adjt's Form up on a Saturday................. Show Parades, reshow at the Guardroom in No2's. The RP Cpl trashing your best boots on the 2200 show, so you spent most of the night sorting them for the 0600 inspection.........
  4. Shot in the head for not jumping quickly or high enough

    NAAAAAHHHH!!!! oh eck it wer tuff in the day!!!
  5. Getting caught in bed at 06:05 while at Gib Brks in 84 by Troop Sgt.

    Five minutes to get washed shaved into lightweights, red PT vest, DMS and Puttees to run to Hawley Lake.

    Loads of leopard crawling on the way, in and out of the lake a few times and back to the block just in time to join the rest of the Troop for Squadron Battle PT (Log work)

    B@gger getting caught again.
  6. Junior Leaders in Harrogate was full of field training. We had quite a few sadistic full screws but there was one who took great delight in using a shovel to whack your battle bowler (with, of course, your head in it) with extreme force if you were not performing to his standard. The ears would ring for fecking ages after that. He also used to enjoy grabbing your nips and twisting them as if he was trying to find radio Luxemburg.

    Don't even get me started on the PTI's........
  7. The AT JNCO's at Harrogate were worse than any of the permanent staff for "punishment". They were always very clever with making sure there was nothing visible too.

    I do still have a small mark on my right forearm where a pissed up AT L/Cpl P*e*p* insisted that I ironed his kit for him - I wasn't too keen so he came after me with the hot iron. I made it perfectly clear that I wasn't too impressed, and funnily enough I was given a bit more slack after that.

    I think it's what they call bullying nowadays; we used to call it character building.

    Ph*l*s - you're still a miserable worthless specimen of a human being.
  8. 1984 Deepcut. "Assuming the position" on the back wall of the drill shed - seated position (without seat) arms outstretched in front. Fantastic.

    Couldn't wait until my kids were old enough so I could try it on them!
  9. Kneeling gun drills.

    Those that know need no explanation, those that don't won't believe me.

    Kneeling fcuking gun drills!
  10. Ah the memories, boys service basic training at Queen Elizabeth Barracks Strensall Camp 1969.

    I was the only black lad in t'new intake others came later. The PTI's took great pleasure in beasting me in the gym...not sure why........when it was summer time they would sidle up to me and do a comparsion on their tan compared to mine.

    When it came to climbing the ropes now that was something. The roof in the gym was convex so in theory the highest rope was in the middle even though, all the other ropes had been sized off to correspond with each other, if you get my drift. The PTI's always made sure that I got the middle rope i.e. the highest one to climb they used to make me climb to the top, stand at the bottom and swing me around, my fcking arms, legs were aching.

    They always used to make me jump over the box could never do..ten press ups each time.

    Regimental Police they used to give me stick as well.

    Oddly, when we went sking Easter 1971 Gairngorms one of the PTI's came as an instuctor I can remember his name to this day, he engaged me in conversation this is what he said ' you know something lad we used to pick on you we tried to break you but we couldn't' I found this sad what they didn't realise or understand was that I was used to being beasted -not bullied, the only black person at school, me mam used to give me shit (hitting) as well, so there was nothing new there.

    Pain or funny difficult question to answer. I suppouse in a perverse sense I enjoyed it as ex -farmers boy fit as fcuk and strong no problem, it made me tougher, and when times get bad and they do. I always remember what that PTI said me nice one G.... a lesson for life.
  11. As a junior gdsm at Pirbright, the sandhill, the sisters, running the length of the canal (in it), bouncing from corner to corner and all bits inbetween on the square, and after a rather bad inspection being made to stand by your bed and punched by instructors. Bullying - no not at all - made sure we were better the next time.
  12. Pirbright,Guards Depot.
    It was known as the sand jump then(1971)
    "get your respirators on you lazy b@stards 10 up 10 down GO!"
    Thinking back .....was a right laugh
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    SDS Glencorse 89 -Mr Log for the Mong of the day. Polished helmet, blanco'd webbing and plastic devils mask on a 30 pound log to be carried on all activities the next day. The court, ten exercises each with ten reps. Outside in Jan, getting pish wet through on old foam mats, I don't think anyone went through a day without picking up a few. Someone took more offence than we did at our favourite Cpl G*** a few years later. Died in a stabbing.

    Oh and I agree it wasn't bullying, just hard, at times brutal, physical and mental conditioning. Not one complaint in the entire time there. I loved it.
  14. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You blokes think you had it hard? let me tell you, Rifle Depot, winter of '62. There were times when the duty corporal forgot to put sugar in my morning tea! And because of the snow, the bacon and eggs -served in bed - were oftimes cold. It was a tough life, but made me the man I am today.
  15. back to red PT vests, PT shoes and blue shorts.

    Remember those fvcking bvstard vaulting boxes - I could never get it right. One looney PTI was getting so irritato with my suicide runs at the box that after one final, "Vaults, begin!," which culminated in my standard bounce, over, land with a loud crump like a sack of spuds facing the wrong way on the other side, he went Super Nova and said, "Get 'im inside, he's not ruining my gym anymore, get fvcking IN!" I spent the rest of the period viewing the vaulting through the cracks from the inside of the box. That, by the way, was one of the nicer memories of Glencorse in 1978.