Punishment in Heaven

Three friends die and go to heaven and are in the waiting room with the other souls awaiting assessment.
All three were called to the desk

St Peter consulted the Recording Angel and the first chap was immediately handcuffed to one of the ugliest girls he's ever seen.
''Why is this happening?'' he asked.

St. Peter replied, ''When you were nine you killed a bird with a stone.''

St Peter speaks to the Angel again and the same happens to the second man. He asked why.

St. Paul replied, ''When you were nine, you too, killed a bird with a stone.''

The third chap laughed at his friends, ''Thank God I didn't do anything like that.''
Suddenly, he found himself siezed and handcuffed to the prettiest girl in heaven.
The other two are amazed at this
''Why?'' they ask

'"Ah" said Peter, "Because when she was nine she killed a bird...''

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