Punishment for thieves

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by copey, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. What are the recomended penalties for catching a thief in the block these days? I like the "slamming the fingers in a locker punishment"
    anyone got any interesting stories?
  2. The French Foreign Legion chosen punishment is to crucify the offender to a wooden door with bayonets. I bet they don't get many repeat offenders.
  3. Well if you want to mirror society then pretending not to notice in case you give the thief "issues" seems to be the way.

    Nasty article in the US version of the spectator yesterday seems to suggest that the UK has gone off the rails:

    London and British crime rates have been increasing for years. Recently total crime rates for London have been estimated at about seven times those of New York for a slightly smaller population and some authorities suggest these figures have been minimized. England and Wales are now accounted by some estimates as the most dangerous places for crime in the developed world.
  4. Gawd bless Mr. Blair's new labour... "Bring back Maggie" that's what I say!
  5. Of course they forgot the fact that most of the criminals in america have firearms
  6. Was discussing (over fine whiskies) a local situation will a former colleague, who now has occasion to attend Police Stations on a regular basis.

    One situation he's come across is of teenage pickpockets venturing forth from their base to other towns on a daily basis and turning over shoppers in supermarkets. When caught and brought in they wave a solicitor's letter that thoughtfully contains a photograph and explains that they are unaccompanied teenage asylum seekers.

    The police have numerous arrests against this pair, so add the latest to the list and let them go - merely keeping the proceeds of the crime, which annoys the offenders apparently.

    The dippers then go back to base, where they join as many as a dozen others in the same situation and doing the same thing. Most of these kids are related (brother/sister/cousin), and the crimes go on and on.

    These kids are being housed, fed, clothed, equipped and transported by the tax-payer to go out and rob us blind.

    But .... there is one saving grace. Tony and Charles tell us there are no problems with immigration or crime.

    PS - you might wonder why these kids are able to claim asylum. Informed speculation is the threats they face if returned home might not be unrelated to them being a bunch of thieving bastewards.
  7. This might be harsh but I suggest you..............KILL THE THIEVING ROBBING LOW LIFE SCUM SUCKING LITTLE SH1TE HAWK CVNT
  8. hanging! that is the only punishment you need after about 10-20 public hangings I am sure the theft rate would drop a bit!
  9. I think it is less to do with the punishment when caught and more do do with the perception that you are unlikley to be caught in the first place. E.g. the chances of getting pulled for drink driving if you don't have an accident are next to nil in most parts of the country and practically nil on B roads. Even routes like the A69 and A75 which used to be "terrorist conduits" have been devoid of police cars for years.
  10. I think punishment plays an equal part.

    Were you to get a local newspaper to say that three car-thieves had been given severe beatings by a vigilante squad I think you'd find a marked drop in car crime for a while.
  11. How many car thieves live in the block?

    When I first joined my Bn as a Tom we had a thieving gyppo bstard who was stealing kit from the drying rooms, going through lockers etc.

    When he was caught (litterally red-handed) we took him outside and a lance jack produced a breeze block (foundation size - 18"x24" IIRC) and dropped it end-on to one of his hands (being held against the tarmac). His fingers were split like over-fried bratties and there was blood galore. He was then told in no uncertain terms that he was a cnut, and next time it was both his legs that would be done in. With that he was escorted to the med centre with the story that he was changing a tyre on his car when the jack collapsed on his hand.

    Edited to add: I don't recall him ever stealing from us again.
  12. You obviously haven't been to any of the major cities in this country for a while, but then the rags only carry minute snippets of these events
  13. Why is it a "nasty" article? It just describes what it's like living in Blair's Britian today.
  14. Also many law-abiding people in the US have guns. Here only the criminals do. And what has happened to gun crime since all legally owned weapons were stolen by Bliar? Yup, increased by more than 10% per annum every single year.
  15. If you know who is doing it, have his arms dislocated, then when they're both in slings and he's unable to wipe his own arrse he might get a lesson in humility every time his mum has to literally wipe it for him!

    Damn I'm getting good at being vindictive! :lol: