Punishment fits the crime!

Now we were all gutted I am sure to hear that unfunny, wannabe thespian Lenny Henry and his massively breasted but even more strikingly gunted frau, Dawn French are to divorce. Those of us who frequent the WYSFBSD thread are even as we speak switching our Dawn alerts to Black, Alpha.

However I firmly believe that should I find myself faced with the opportunity to length the porpoise like Dawn, then honour dictates I should only go through with it in a Premier Inn. It makes sense, he who lives by the advertising revenue of said chain should be humiliated by the news that his ex-missus succumbed to squaddie cock in one of the purple-logoed hostelries.

Now, does this mean for example that Jordan should receive her next ration of SC from an arrser in an UFC cage? How will Kerry Katona's arrse put up with the icy freezer cabinets of Iceland - will she have the decency to arch her back and prevent one's "manbag" touching the icy metal surfaces?

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