Punchy Guardsman!

Queensman said:
In Saturday's Telegraph there was a funny story about a Jock Guardsman smacking a cheeky and irritating member of Civpop - just tried to find it, but couldn't - instead found this! (A bit old, but I hadn't seen it before!)

Hurrah!! for the Blue Red Blue etc.... and all that type of Household Division type stuff!! Tis here.......


I remember hearing of one of our guys (Blues and Royals) chasing a fellow half way up the road to Traffalgar Square, sword flailing after the guy had tried to pinch his helmet!

mind you his boots would have been in bits

(on the the other hand he wouldn't have been tabbing if his boots where any good)

Can anyone email the downloaded video, damned septic I.T. security won't let me go to the videorama site.

If you can let me know and I'll PM you my email address


Hope the lad doesn't get in trouble.

He probably did go a bit to far, but I'm not sure if I'd have the will power to not snap if I had to put up with people taking the piss on a daily basis!
as was said on another thread, what would the cupid stunt have got if he tried the same thing back home with the Presidential Guard. More than a boot up the khyber i am sure.

Mr Happy

Unfortunately, Guardsmen were once held in high (ish) regard and not messed with, thus allowing them to march up and down un hindered. These days, the rules leave them hanging around on their tod as victims to today's chav-scum (even Oxford Uni foreign chav scum).

Perhaps we should have a policeman to guard the guardsman? Or more practically at least one nearby in evidence to control the hooligan element. Then Guardsman X wouldn't be forced to boot the living shit out of Johnny F.
The sentries do have Police Officers assigned to watch them as well as protect the Palace, however, as with the rest of the British Police Service they are normally "having a break", or they could have been attending "diversity training".
Can't see anything wrong with the first video (in OP). What's all the b0110cks about "they're supposed to be guarding the queen"? Not if they are off duty, which they appear to be. And I can't see many of their mates "demanding there resignation".

Re Guards, they should get some sort of protection (daftly ironic i know) to prevent this sort of huhah, or just let one of them bayonet the next idiot to try.
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