Punch Up Thread

If i had a bucket of track pins i would drill Kate Adie full of the bleedin things. Reason? For attracting some pretty much dodgy incoming then popping smoke and letting the guys in green clean up...
Also Cliff Richard gets a beeatch slap for doing his new album of duets! god fearing ponce jog on bloomin oxygen thief!
havocthecat said:
put your picture where your mouth is s*** lips or are you pissing your pants that people might make fun of you :wink: :D
Yes. ;)

I dont need to put my picture up for people to make fun of me.......
Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush and then Bush until he pronounces words correctly, holds books the right way up and realises that EEERAK is not a small american state bordering Ohio.

when boredom finally sets in i shall duct tape to a chair and have fun with the twins!
Hate mongering muslim abu hamza and something tells me i wouldn't be alone we could kick him around like an empty tacksuit
Robbie Williams, cocky little siht, pretending not to be gay and forgeting that he is a regected boy band member. Whinges about how much of his fortune he wasted on drugs/gambling/cocaine/whatever is fashionable to be pitied for this week, then makes it all back by selling a book telling everyone about it.

Grade A chopper

How can I possibly answer this question?

Given that I'm only going to live another 50 years or so, how can I possibly find the time to write down the list as it already stands, let alone the 3 dozen who get themselves added to it each week?
DigitalGeek said:
OK Here it is....

Who would you like to punch really hard between the eyes and why?
Mr Blair because he's in a total trance like state. He might just wake up with a new perspective the one of reality. If he didn't i would smack him one again :)
Sejanus said:
As is this:
Who the fuck gave you a picture of my missus you dirty fckers, that is below the fcking belt I am complainin to the modsworths :D
Bliar seems a popular choice but I'd reserve my smack square in the grid for his gurning wife. God she makes my blood boil the hatchet faced hag.

[rant]What was it Tony said at the conference, 'At least I don't need to worry about my wife running off with the next door neighbour.' No, you're right, you don't. 'Cos she's fecking MINGING and has all the social grace of the Duke of Edinburgh but none of his humour or style![/rant]
Id like to swing Blair round by his ankles right into Cheries grid then pound them both with Prescotts croquet mallet (and him)
Sharon Osbourne for her thinking she is great when all she did was marry ozzy. Anyone could do her job...Hello madison square garden, wanna book ozzy osbourne for a week, great thats 10 million quid. Job done.
And Blair and his wife Again!!
Drat, can I change my choice? I've just seen George Galloway on the telly and would dearly like the chance to smack him right in his smug publicity seeking face.

The cast and production crew of "im a tw4t get me out this soddin jungle" in fact i'd like a cricket bat a box of grenades, jonny vegas mit beer, and spend hours of vollys into and around the camp area! Oh how that'd brighten up the telly....
Interesting, see if I can combine the both.

I got a bloke a CAUTION for 6 grammes of charlie (long story, but if 46 briefs can get a caution for RAPE I am an amateur.....)

But the deal was he would tw*t 7 kinds of shoite otta that Jay Fekken Kay one. And by dint of his occupation he saw him regularly. :wink:

OO, look at all me cars, look at all me HATS, I'm so funky....

Since when did ripping off Stevie Wonder count as talent..?

No, you're a punch magnet that has never met the bloke who owes me a BIG fekken favour. And He was a big fella...Rain must fall, you chancer crap pop chart make-weight git.

PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH, over and over. Till he begs for death...there's the U-Tube I want to see. :x

O, and the duck thing. I read somewhere that Wiemar German officers would boff a duck, stick its neck into a drawer and slam it shut at orgasm. Because its flapping feet agaisnt the balls....made it kinda special. :)

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