Punch Up Thread

I hope this goes someway to explaining DG's fondness for ducks. After all, if a long cock is what is required, the human sort of "bird" is not going to be able to satisfy him. He needs help from you all, not taking the urine! :wink:

Evolutionary Oddities: Duck Sex Organ,

The unusually long penis is probably part of a reproductive strategy designed to increase the male Argentine duck's success in a highly competitive environment. Stiff-tail ducks are promiscuous, said McCracken, and Argentine lake ducks are particularly so.

Although information on their mating habits is limited, researchers know that the courtship displays to attract females—and fend off other males—are elaborate, vigorous, and typically performed in the presence of other ducks. There is very little pair-bonding between males and females, and the female ducks are often resistant to mating.

"Our best guess is that the birds use the long penis as a kind of lasso," McCracken said. "The males have to chase the females, and even during copulation the females are trying to escape."

McCracken and his colleagues don't discount the idea that sexual selection—female preference for a longer penis—has played a role in the development of the Argentine duck's very long penis. They think it is more likely, however, the result of limited access to females, intense sperm competition, and the need for male dominance over females.
I thank you. My duck fetish has now passed, thankfully. I have now graduated onto something more pleasing on the eye...

Thats me on the left folks!
Figures! The duck left you, so you've had to settle for a whale like object with a moustache. Why does that sound familiar?

Lyn Williamson, one of the estate managers in Bulford. I would like to wrap a Chally trackpin round her face.
Some of the stuff on this thread is just WRONG!
I,d like 10 minutes uninterupted milling with any of the poofs who've ever been on Big Brother JUST F@#K OFF AND DIE FREAKS
havocthecat said:
I,d like 10 minutes uninterupted milling with any of the poofs who've ever been on Big Brother JUST F@#K OFF AND DIE FREAKS
Judging by your poofy gwar picture in the gallery, I'll bet that shemale that won it a couple of years ago could kick your tits in.

put your picture where your mouth is shit lips or are you pissing your pants that people might make fun of you :wink: :D


i cant believe that no one has mentioned this particular oxygen thief.
I challenge anyone not to want to punch this scrotes lights out!


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