Punch Up Thread

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by DigitalGeek, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. OK Here it is....

    Who would you like to punch really hard between the eyes and why?
  2. Mr Bliar because.......... well you know why.
  3. Punch? I'd like to centre a track pin in the middle of his forehead and tw@t it with a sledgehammer!!! :twisted:
  4. Well I didnt know that was an option did I?
  5. Natasha Kaplinsky - fcuked if I know why, she just annoys me a touch!
  6. Someone beat me to my choice I'm afraid:

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  7. Ahh, Good Old Jabba Prescott!

  8. Nah, I'd nail her with my trackpin!!! :twisted:
  9. Eta ta wan ka Solo. MWA HA HA HA HA.
  10. Thats it G2....Coffee all over screen etc......tw@t!
  11. This bloke deserves to be banged out for wearing that dodgey mullet hairdo and 70's porn tash (and for calling the big lad - a baldy cnut!)

  12. 1. Barry Scott from the Cillit Bang advert. I've just checked that spelling again, you have to look closely and it's not what you think.

    2. That Manc tw@t who advertises the windows - you bah wun, you get wun free, ah said you bah wun, you get wun free.
  13. Bush, over and over and over.....................

    The guy I'm training at the moment.

    People that won't buy poppies because they think it's pathetic to wear them.

    Anyone in the Herbal Essence adverts.

    Did I mention the guy I'm training at the moment?

  14. "Hmmm...........Chain Mail Bikinis! Hmmmmmmmm............."

    Jabba after a night in the Sports and Social
  15. DG - you see the trouble :)