Punch Magazine and Idi Amin

Just found an excellent link to some of Alan Coren's Idi Amin spoofs from the 1970's. Still funny now and worth a look if you have a couple of minutes. One copied below, and the link to the 'De Chrissermuss Broadcast' and other articles also.


All O' De People, All De Time
February 7 1973
"General Amin is to sell off the two thousand motor cars left behind by exiled Ugandan Asians." — Daily Telegraph

GOOD MORNING, I see you is lookin' at de famous Humber Super Snipe 1959 what only done 2,000 miles, all that on gravel drive by dis ole lady what is using it fo' going down to de gate/to git de milk, a bargain at fifteen hunnerd pound also you helpin' de economy no end. What you lookin' at there, boy?

It looking like de treacherous rust to me.

Yeah, well you is an ignorant bugger, you go on like dat you is li'ble to wine up wid a spanner in de head, de price jus' went up to eighteen hunnerd an' fifty. What you got to say to that, boy?

Dis brown coachwork is damn elegant. What de fuel consummertion like?

Gittin' aroun' two hunnerd mile per gallon, cheapest fuel. Dis car designed to run on anything. Conk out in de middle of nowhere, jus' piss in de tank, you is good for another fifty mile. Also note de fine upholstery....................
Now that does bring back memories! :D :D I used to have the book of the Kampala Bulletins.

I remember reading De Chrissermus Broadcast in my best non-PC voice as part of a school Christmas smoker (without the smoke or booze). Somehow I can't see my son getting away with it now.


I remember that John Bird recorded a couple of albums of readings from these ('The Idi Amin Tapes' and 'More Idi Amin Tapes' if I remember).

My favourite was: 'Here is de wedder. I just bin up on the Air Ministry roof, an' it pissin' down'.

Not frightfully PC these days though...
This year Channel Four did an excellent copy of this with a broadcast from Tehran. It was almost word for word.

By the way the Chairman of Channel 4 - LIke Johnson-used to be the chairman of Belgo and Bierodrome Restaurants and is now looking for a huge bailout of hundreds of millions from the Governmnet- ie. you and me.

While at Belgo he used to pay his staff with the 12.5% service charge. This means that while you thought that the poor staff were getting all the dosh the service charge was being used to make up the minimum wage.

Legal up to now but due to be revised soon.

Lesson: If you dine at any Belgo or Bierodrome restaurant- do not pay the service charge-just quietly tip the waitress.
When "Captain" Mark Phillips was betrothed "Idi" said something along the lines of "Who 'dis two pip wonder? Any time he wan' to meet me out de back of de Kampala gym, jus' say de word".

The book has Idi "wid de trusty four firty five webberley" on the cover.

As a kid I pissed myself.
I always liked the one where one of his Generals topped himself
I is rushing into de room and der is Rupert wid de Weberly
"Don't you being doing that you crazy fool" I is crying
But it is to late, he is shooting himself in de bak of de noggin tree times :lol:
Still have outbreaks of "Hello, dis am yo Queen speakin," much to the bafflement of those younger than I.

Edited due to possible senility.
Or was this the Idi page from Private Eye?

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