Considering investing in a punch bag for the Garage just as a complement to exercise. however i've had varying opinions of how useful they are from "Oh yeah theyre great do your CV work and Upperbody at the same time" to "oh no no no youll break your wrists!"

Any opinions on how good they are? Comparable with a more conventional CV activity like Running or swimming? How good are they for Upperbody and what muscles do they tend to exercise mostly? Any recommendations on types of bag how heavy, mountings etc?

Thanks very much
Good choice mate. I'm of the 'Oh yeah they're great' school. I find a couple of minutes knocking the bag about is harder CV wise than running, don't know why, it just seems to be the case with me. Your wrists will hurt at first, as will your fists, but strap 'em up and get some decent gloves that fit well, Golds Gym are good, but for christs sake don't go for the cheapo Argos ones or that kind of thing, you will end up doing yourself damage. What weight you go for depends how heavy you are, but I wouldn't go for anything lighter than half your own body weight, conversely don't go for anything too heavy (duh)

Muscles used: everything in your arm (esp biceps and triceps), shoulders, pecs, you name it!

Edited to say: It's only really useful as a companion to running and swimming, can't see how it would work as your main CV activity.
Glue a picture of someone you really hate , stick it to the punch bag then you can enjoy punching the shit out of them , Bliar comes to mind for some reason
Loads of folks I would love to use as a punchbag -

mora, cheshireturd and his many guises, pentwyn, NAVYMAN/girlywhirly, Bennett, mooch, Chief_Two to name but a few.

Oh right you meant BUY a punchbag not USE someone as a punchbag.

D'oh :wink:
Speaking as a former boxer (get me! I was shite hence I stopped despite having a former commonwealth champion as my coach!), I can safely say you'll only hurt your wrists if you don't use the correct technique. Make sure someone shows you the basics in case you hurt yourself. Remember, broken wrists-no love life!

Title are a very good brand but they're not cheap.
BBE are fairly decent and won't hammer the wallet.

It is a very good form of exercise and if you put in effort, you'll find yourself fcuked after a relatively short period of time. It's like everything else though-you only get out what you put in!

[/yoda mode off]
Moodybitch said:
I usually hang my 3 year old up and use him, cheaper than investing in punchbag and keeps him in his place
Nice try darling you couldn’t knock out a good wnak let alone the Aldershot orphan you call a child. At three he is probably packing a shooter and runs in a gang robbing old ladies down station road
Just like the_matelot, I'm also a former "amitcha" boxer and I still like a workout on the punchbag. I combine it with skipping, and together the two routines really do give you a very good CV workout. I do ten mins punchbag, ten mins skipping, up to four or five sets apiece.

The advantage of the punchbag is that it gets to parts of your muscles other exercises don't really stress. However, as the_matelot quite rightly stated, it's important to get your technique right if you don't want to hurt yourself. Any good boxing trainer worth her/his salt should be more than willing to put you right.

Taping up can sometimes be a pain in the region of the back pocket, but is also extremely important to avoid injuries. I use 4 oz gloves and some natty kit I picked up in Germany called "Boxfix". They're like cycling gloves, but very elastic. You can adjust them by way of Velcro tapes to just how you want them. But there are about six sizes to choose from, so it's best to try them on first. I don't actually know if their available in the UK.

i use it to help with my karate and find them the nuts for training, plus there is the stress relief of severe violence against anything after a hard day, what with my AS results out tomorrow!

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