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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by carlbcfc, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. Thinking of adding one to my training at home but im not sure what size/weight bag would do for me. There is a 4ft, 25kg bag for £33 but not sure if that is too light or not. Any ideas?

    It would have to be on a boxing stand too if that matters.

    Im 6 2", 205lbs.

    I already jog most days & have a decent multigym, this is just to break it up a bit and get the aggression out.
  2. I have a bag and gloves you can have for £75 - just give the dosh to Holidays4heroes.

    It's a lump of a bag, it is a Pro-Box and the gloves are Gold Gym 16oz.

    Far too old for the game now.
  3. There is no stand, I used to hang the bag down on a rope from the top bannister of the stairs. If you don't want it I am willing to sell to anyone for the charity.
  4. Im after a stand & bag for around £120 max. The stands are about £80 so ill have to leave your one thanks.
  5. How about "Bob" or "Big Bob"? These bags are shaped like a human head and torso(Big Bob has half-legs as well so you can practice Thai Kicks). They are free standing; just fill the stand with sand or water.

    More fun than normal Heavy Bags. :wink:
  6. No,

    I used the stair bannister and a rope.

    The bag has 4 metal ringed loops connected to straps. You can get a stand to support it or improvise as I did.
  7. Try a speed ball for fun.
  8. Haven't you tried just punching your wife? Save yourself £33 and get the deep seated joy of hearing someone try to scream without teeth.
  9. You get what you pay for, mate. That looks like a mid-range price, solid piece of kit. Nothing flashy but if you want a basic workout, that should do you.
  10. The "interactive workout"
  11. I just want something to smash for 30 mins per day to add to my running & weights. You think its a good addition for £130?
  12. I ended up getting this BOXING STAND

    Exactly what I needed although absolutly knackering when combines with a 5k run & multigym session.

    Found this little tool for anyone that trains at home. TIMER